Devine Pastabilities (Torpasta) in San Diego, near Midway

Sorry about the recent lapse in updates lately… things have been a bit volatile at work (in a good way tho!).

Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to do a write up on this place for some time, but it’s finally time…

Devine Pastabilities (aka Torpasta), has a unique product offering.  Think of a torpedo sandwich roll, toasted inside out, and then stuffed with pasta inside.  Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?  I thought so myself the first time I walked in.  But, when I walked out, I was sold for good.

My first torpasta was their classic meatball and spaghetti combo (not pictured).  For just under $7, you get a 6″ torpasta, green salad, and a soft drink!  (*Quite the deal.)

Yelpwich Torpasta

The torpasta was excellent.  They even have custom made holders to craddle these unique sandwiches.  I think though what makes this special, is not just the shape, but the quality of the pasta (not overdone) and sauce.

I also tried out their “Yelpwich” torpasta which included penne and meatballs.  Mmmm…. again, this was savory and satsifying.

Next up, is the “devino” which has bow-tie pasta, a creamy pesto sauce, and basil (not pictured).  I’m not sure if this one is my favorite, or the classic spaghetti and meatball.

To top things off, they don’t like to waste the bread holes.  Instead they butter them up with garlic and parsely, and serve with a side of marinara!

The bread holes are super tasty.  But, just don’t come here if you’re on a low carb diet.  =)

Devine Pastabilities is located near the San Diego Sports Arena in a strip mall.  It’s a bit hidden, but well worth seeking out.  Enjoy!

Divine Pastabilities
3545 Midway Dr,
San Diego, CA 92110

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