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Darren and I were invited to try out Table 926 this past Sunday for their Champagne Brunch.  Although we stuck with orange juice and ice tea to drink, we did notice they had a nice flight of Bellinis that most patrons would enjoy.  Table 926  has become a popular destination recently.  They only serve brunch once a week on Sundays, so other than that you’ll need to catch them for dinner.   


The inside of Table 926 was not too small, but still felt quaint with it’s warm modern decor.


As you can see there were a number of choices for brunch.  Lucky for us, Chef Matt took the decision making process away and simply began sending us out some of his choicest brunch selections.


To start, we were brought a couple almond scones.  They were nice and warm, with a subtle sweet and buttery flavor.  If you enjoy flaky scones, these are definitely for you.


Next up were the soy chorizo tacos.  These were interesting and both Darren and I particularly enjoyed the crispy potatoes inside.  The soy chorizo flavor wasn’t too strong, so the egg stood out a bit more in my opinion.  The side salsas were nice, but mild.


The following dish was the duck confit chilaquiles.  This was probably one of my favorites as the duck confit had a rich and bold flavor that paired well with the acidity of the chile verde sauce.  The chips still retained some texture, so the crunch was a nice additional layer that typically doesn’t occur in a typical chilaquiles (many times it’s over saturated).  The pickled onions added a nice sourness to the dish as well.


…and the perfectly poached over-easy egg was the cherry on top!  Delish.



Next we had the breakfast empanadas.  These were piping hot and took a couple minutes for us to be able to pickup!  I don’t think I’ve ever had an empanada before with egg inside, but it was certainly interesting.  While it was solid overall, I think the prior dishes with egg stood out more.


Finally, we tied up brunch with their signature bread pudding french toast.  It came with a nice tart fruit compote of what I believe were blackberries and cranberries.  This provided a perfect contrast of tartness to balance the sweetness of the french toast.  It came a side of syrup, although we only need a couple dabs.  I’d definitely order this one again.

Overall, we had a very memorable brunch at Table 926.  In addition to some nice flavors, the presentation was very well done as you can see by Darren’s pics.  Thanks to Holly and Matt for making this possible.  We’ll certainly be back on our own soon and eager to checkout the dinner menu too.


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Table 926
926 Turquoise St, Ste H
La Jolla, CA 92109

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