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San Diego Restaurant Week – Whisknladle, La Jolla

San Diego Restaurant Week – Whisknladle, La Jolla


Who’s ready for San Diego Restaurant Week (SDRW) 2016!??  Whisknladle is!

San Diego Restaurant Week

SDRW kicks off officially on Sunday, September 25th and goes to Sunday, October 2nd.

As ever hungry food bloggers, Darren and I were lucky to be invited to an SDRW preview at Whisknladle in La Jolla.


If you’ve never been to Whisknladle, you’re in for a marvelous treat!

The front of the restaurant showcases a beautiful covered patio where you’ll definitely want to reserve a seat.


Kick back and enjoy their well thought out menu of wines and spirits.…

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Poke Etc. – National City

Poke Etc. – National City


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably aware that poke it all the rage these days in San Diego.

It’s interesting because there was such limited options for poke just a couple years ago, and now there’s probably close to a dozen options now.

One interesting restaurant (and store) that caught our attention was Poke Etc. in National City.


Inside they have a full Hawaiian menu with traditional plate lunches and sides.

They also have a breakfast menu which looks delicious as well.


Just behind the main counter, they have a poke bar which houses a few different ones.  …

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Cinnaholic – Mission Valley

Cinnaholic – Mission Valley


Last week Darren and I had the opportunity to visit Cinnaholic in Mission Valley.

If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, you may have seen them on Shark Tank last season!

They are located in the Mission Valley mall nearby the Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack wing.


Since I was on Daddy duty this day, I decided to bring along Lil K and Lil L.

Once we placed our order, they wasted no time climbing up on the bar to watch their mini cinnamon rolls being prepared!


Cinnaholic specializes in fresh cinnamon rolls using the freshest ingredients.…

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Project Juice – Hillcrest

Project Juice – Hillcrest


Project Juice can be found in Hillcrest within the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s.


The interior is nice and green, which is an immediate reminder that you that you’re eating and drinking healthy!


They specialize in cold-pressed drinks, superfood bowls, and salads.



They have numerous drinks and salads ready to go, or you can customize your order specific to your liking.


This is the Strawberry Maca “Mylkshake” which was on special.


This was by far our favorite of the day!  It was made with their house-made almond mylk, strawberry, date, vanilla, maca, coconut meat, & cashew.…

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Sushi Co

Sushi Co


Sushi Co. in right in the heart of Hillcrest.  They are aiming to be a fresh and quick sushi option for the area.


Inside is modern and quaint.


There are a few tables to sit at.


They have a nice assortment of bottled drinks upfront by the cashier.


Their menu is simple, fresh, and to the point.  Darren and I decided to share a couple different things so we could sample a few different things.


This is their Katana roll (torched tuna, halibut, krab, avocado, and spicy mayo).  We were excited to learn that they use fresh local fish sourced from Catalina Offshore.…

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Pieology – Southwest Pizzas

Pieology – Southwest Pizzas

We were recently invited to try out Pieology’s new Southwestern pizzas.

Both Darren and I were excited to check out these custom creations as quick service pizzas are still all the rage (Pieology, Project Pie, Blaze, etc.).


When we arrived, we asked to speak with the manager to let him know we were there.  Typically a manager will come over to greet us and walk us through the menu, share any new items, and provide details on any questions we ask, but he was more interested in tending to pies in the oven, rather than us.  …

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries with a Few Cherries On Top

Chocolate Covered Strawberries with a Few Cherries On Top

So after a recent and super fun tasting trip to Sweet Petite Confections, I got a bit of inspiration to work with chocolate at home.  I’d never done anything like this, but figured how hard could it be?  🙂

I also needed a project to do with my kids and Mother’s Day was around the corner.  So, I decided to kill a couple birds with one stone and dove in head first.


We were recently at Costco and purchased a pretty big bag of chocolate chips (I usually use these for cookies).  …

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Harvey’s Lounge Inside the Seven Mile Casino – South Bay

Harvey’s Lounge Inside the Seven Mile Casino – South Bay


What the… huh?!  There’s a casino in Chula Vista?

Yes, there is!  The Seven Mile Casino is just south of the 54 freeway and nestled between E & F Streets along Bay Blvd.  While the casino has been in existence for decades and had a long history in the city, this newer property we visited has only been opened for a year.

They specialize in table games such as pai gow, poker, blackjack, and several other table games.


Although tempted to play some games, we were here for the food!


The casino is small relative to a most behemoth casinos you’ll find outside of the city limits or in Las Vegas, but that’s part of it’s charm.  …

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