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Sushi Co

Sushi Co


Sushi Co. in right in the heart of Hillcrest.  They are aiming to be a fresh and quick sushi option for the area.


Inside is modern and quaint.


There are a few tables to sit at.


They have a nice assortment of bottled drinks upfront by the cashier.


Their menu is simple, fresh, and to the point.  Darren and I decided to share a couple different things so we could sample a few different things.


This is their Katana roll (torched tuna, halibut, krab, avocado, and spicy mayo).  We were excited to learn that they use fresh local fish sourced from Catalina Offshore.…

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Pieology – Southwest Pizzas

Pieology – Southwest Pizzas

We were recently invited to try out Pieology’s new Southwestern pizzas.

Both Darren and I were excited to check out these custom creations as quick service pizzas are still all the rage (Pieology, Project Pie, Blaze, etc.).


When we arrived, we asked to speak with the manager to let him know we were there.  Typically a manager will come over to greet us and walk us through the menu, share any new items, and provide details on any questions we ask, but he was more interested in tending to pies in the oven, rather than us.  …

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries with a Few Cherries On Top

Chocolate Covered Strawberries with a Few Cherries On Top

So after a recent and super fun tasting trip to Sweet Petite Confections, I got a bit of inspiration to work with chocolate at home.  I’d never done anything like this, but figured how hard could it be?  🙂

I also needed a project to do with my kids and Mother’s Day was around the corner.  So, I decided to kill a couple birds with one stone and dove in head first.


We were recently at Costco and purchased a pretty big bag of chocolate chips (I usually use these for cookies).  …

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Harvey’s Lounge Inside the Seven Mile Casino – South Bay

Harvey’s Lounge Inside the Seven Mile Casino – South Bay


What the… huh?!  There’s a casino in Chula Vista?

Yes, there is!  The Seven Mile Casino is just south of the 54 freeway and nestled between E & F Streets along Bay Blvd.  While the casino has been in existence for decades and had a long history in the city, this newer property we visited has only been opened for a year.

They specialize in table games such as pai gow, poker, blackjack, and several other table games.


Although tempted to play some games, we were here for the food!


The casino is small relative to a most behemoth casinos you’ll find outside of the city limits or in Las Vegas, but that’s part of it’s charm.  …

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Boudin SF – Clairemont

Boudin SF – Clairemont


We were recently invited to Boudin to check out their new fresh seasonal salads.  Since I haven’t been eating as many greens as I’d like lately, this was the perfect opportunity turn things around.


Boudin is a bakery and quick service restaurant that has roots in San Francisco, dating all the way back to 1849!  There are upwards of 30 locations today and a few that call San Diego County their home.  Today we were visiting the Clairemont location on the corner of Balboa Ave. and Genesee Ave.  This is the same mall that is home to 85 degrees.…

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Bobboi Natural Gelato – La Jolla

Bobboi Natural Gelato – La Jolla


We had the good fortune of being invited to visit Bobboi Natural Gelato in downtown La Jolla recently.  I’m so glad that we did!


Bobboi has a fun atmosphere inside and the friendly staff greeted us immediately.


You can see they actually carry many different flavors which all must be meticulously maintained at the proper temperature.


Of course, we were curious what “bobboi” meant, and here it is!


They tout absolutely nothing but fresh ingredients and display some of their organic produce here.  When not making gelato, the owners can be found scouring local farmer’s markets looking for fresh new ideas.…

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Green China Grill – Convoy Area

Green China Grill – Convoy Area


We’d been wanting to try out Green China Grill for a little while now after reading reviews from our friends at Jinxi Eats, Kirbie Cravings, and Mmm-yoso.

We decided to finally try it with Darren and Anh.


Inside is definitely green!


They have a nice open layout and a large window into the kitchen and a direct view to watch them make their noodles by hand.


They also serve several cold items, but we didn’t get any this time around.


Here’s the skilled noodle maker getting her dough ready.…

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Spitz San Diego – Mediterranean Street Food

Spitz San Diego – Mediterranean Street Food


Who say’s you can’t eat and play at the same time?

Spitz Mediterranean Street Food recently made a splash into San Diego with a focus on tasty food and fun.  With four L.A. based locations, Spitz has since expanded south to sunny San Diego in the Hillcrest area.


The location is right on 5th Ave. and we luckily found parking quickly.


As their name would suggest, Spitz serves several main entrees based off their döner meat (choice of beef & lamb, chicken, or mixed meat).

They sent us a gift card, so we decided to try out several things this day.…

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