Richard Walker’s Pancake House (La Jolla)

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A second Richard Walker’s Pancake House has opened its doors in La Jolla recently. The first San Diego location resides in downtown. We tried the downtown location years back and I honestly don’t remember too much about it, other than it could have been part of Taste of Downtown. They also have two other locations in Illinois, where the family business originally started.

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They boast a spacious interior or if you prefer to dine in the sunshine, you can do so outside in the patio.




The menu is a little daunting at first glance, but the bunnies help guide you along the path to deliciousness. Our server also gave us some recommendations and we were on our way!


Was it as good as it looks? But of course! Have you ever had french toast that only came with maybe bananas or just strawberries? Did you wish they added more variety or more fruit on the plate? Fear not, Richard Walker’s Pancake House has you covered. Their San Diego French Toast boasts a heaping pile of strawberries, bananas, and blueberries! Skimping is not in their vocabulary. Not only does it have all the stuff you always wanted, but it delivers on taste as well. Bite after bite I was thinking to myself, I just might have fruit + french toast for every single bite right up until the plate was polished off. Yes sir that’s just what happened. What more can you ask for? It came with a side of maple syrup to pour to your liking, which is perfect if you are one to control your eating environment.

DSC_0098 (2)The Apple Pancake appears to be a restaurant favorite. We saw a few other people order it and it is a sight to behold. Anh’s face lit up after the first bit of apple pancake was consumed. I knew right away we had two winners. Have you ever been in this scenario? You are eating with someone else, each of you take your first bite, and then both of you go silent and float off into your own blissful moment. At some point you realize something: is what they are having better than what I am having? Do I want to give up my plate this early and risk losing what I know to be one of the only dishes I want to me consuming at this very moment? This is kind of what happened to Anh and I. I knew what I had was good, and she knew what she had was good. But how do they stack up to each other? After tasting each others dishes we still weren’t sure which we preferred, and that is a good thing. The apple pancake tasted like a hot heavenly apple pie on a plate. I’m sure you’ve always wanted to just dig right into an entire, still in the tin apple pie before, and this gives you that opportunity. It wasn’t overly sweet, but had a nice subtly sugary, tart snap to it. Normally, food like such as this are too one note for me to enjoy the entire length of a meal. Luckily it was simply not the case here. Anh and I went back and forth on which one we loved more. The apple pancake itched out a close decision by the narrowest of margins, I think.   

Does it excite you? It should. I’m excited just thinking about the food and am glad we got to try Richard Walker’s again. This mouthwatering memory will be imprinted in us for many years to come. Thanks to Richard Walker’s and Emily over at Bam for introducing us to a great breakfast option in La Jolla!

Richard Walker’s Pancake House
909 Prospect St.
La Jolla, CA 92037

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Werewolf (Gaslamp)


We stumbled upon Werewolf after a visiting Canadian friend raved about her experience. Her story involved a great time, tasty food, happy hour specials, and 66% off. We’d be happy with all of those individually, but all at once? This was too good to be true. An immediate investigation had to commence.


The bar up front when you walk in is simple, with flat screens lined up for your viewing pleasure. However, what follows throughout the bar/restaurant is sensory overload in the best sense possible.




An art piece high above that reads “shots” made out of bullets? Werewolf comics adhered to the walls? An “It’s Pat” homage on the bathroom doors? Need I say more. I can see why our friend loved the place, and we had yet to take our first bite, Werewolf style.


I even liked the front of their menu. Come on dude.



They had a few main categories like salads, burgers, sandwiches, and plates. Anh had her eyes set on the Foghorn sandwich while our server led me to the Beef Short Ribs plate. 


The Foghorn came with chicken, cheddar cheese, crispy onions, chimichurri sauce, tomato, and a charred scallion creme. The burgers and sandwiches also come with standard fries. You can upgrade them for a small charge. Everything rubbed me the right way except the onion rings. They just didn’t do much for me in the form of taste or texture. If they didn’t fall out after a few bites, I might have not noticed them. Aside from that, all of the components came together into a nice bite. Maybe I’m going light on the description because Anh scarfed it down before I could get a few bites in. Must have been good!


Many restaurants serve a beef short rib entree. Many restaurants I leave thinking meh, why did I order that forgetful dish? After I effortlessly pulled a piece of Werewolf’s short rib and placed it into my mouth, I had to stop and think…did I just eat an above average beef short rib? Wait a minute. How above average is this? Way above average, right? Yes! Way above average, up up up there I must say. Not only that, but the brussel sprouts weren’t oily, didn’t have bacon, and didn’t have an entire salt shaker dispensed on top!? Holy crap. Add this to the list, pronto. If you haven’t gathered already, we like this place. Dare I say it has become our new favorite gaslamp location. It shines bright like a full moon, giving us something to howl about. Woooooo!


They have other specials throughout the week, but this Sunday one is crazy. Remember that 66% I was talking about earlier? You get two dice to roll. She rolled two sixes and got 66% off her bill.  I think she paid maybe $8 total for a meal and a drink. Note: please read the fine print.

627 4th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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Cucina Basilico – Italian Restaurant San Diego

Apologies for being MIA recently, but it’s been a bit crazy with the arrival of my newest baby and also moving houses!  I’m almost settled in though… whew.  :-)

Anyhow, I wanted to just share this with you quickly since it’s one of my better finds in the last few months.  Cucina Basilico just opened up about a month ago and immediately we could tell it was something special.  The key here is that the pasta is FRESH, AUTHENTIC, and AL DENTE!  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Situated in an unassuming strip mall close to the Fry’s off Aero drive.  (Same strip mall as Sizzler’s)


Nice and quaint.  Both times we’ve been the service has been excellent.  The chef is very personable and visited each table to ensure everything was to our liking.


Each day they have a couple fresh pastas to choose from.


Delicious soft bread served fresh with EVO and balsamic vinegar.


Farfalle pasta with their panta rosa sauce (cream, tomato, pancetta, parm…etc.)


Fettucine bolognese (home made meat sauce) *Once quick note is on our first visit here the fettuccine was a bit overcooked.  However, on our second visit, it was perfectly al dente.  We loved all the other pastas we tried, including the farfalle and rigatoni.


Legit Tiramisu!!  We got this to go, but it was super light, sweet, and balanced even when we ate is a couple hours later.

Cucina Basilico made it’s arrival just in time for Jorgina and I to visit a couple times before moving.  And their pastas are so good, it may just warrant a 25 minute trip back to eat it again and again.  Oh yeah, prices are very reasonable!  (Expect a little more for dinner).

Try them out and let me know what you think!

Cucina Basilico
3755 Murphy Canyon Rd
San DiegoCA 92123
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Remedy Foods – San Diego Food Delivery

remedy food So we were invited to try out Remedy Foods this past week and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  With a new baby at home, it’s always great to have food delivered straight to your doorstep.  And since we haven’t been eating the healthiest lately, it was nice to be sent fresh and organic pre-made meals.


Remedy’s meal delivery service is scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays.  That means once you make your selection, you’ll have your food delivered to your doorstep twice a week.  Each delivery contains three entrees that you have pre-selected. The food is delivered in a nice temperature controlled bag with some ice packs in case you’re not around.


(Organic golden quinoa salad with shredded chicken breast, strawberries, feta and basil)

The salad definitely had potential.  The strawberries were sweet and worked well with the crunchy quinoa and fresh basil.  However,  the dressing was very sour and I wished there could have been some honey added to round it out.


(Spanish style brown rice with lime, bell peppers, green onions and ground turkey)

I was excited to try out this dish as it sounded the best from the description.  But, if I’m being perfectly honest, this one was my least favorite.  The ground turkey was lacking flavor and the overall dish was too bland in my opinion.  I found myself adding a dash of salt, which defeats the purpose of eating healthier like this, but it needed something to spruce it up.


(Carmelized onion and lentil veggie burger with sliced roma tomatoes and a carrot cumin sauce)

On the flipside, I was a bit worried about this one.  I’ve encountered many veggie burgers that simply don’t cut it taste or texture wise.  I was surprised.  This one was very tasty especially with the bits of creamy cheese mixed in.  Plus, the carrot sauce added a nice touch of sweetness.


(Organic BBQ chicken salad with cilantro, green onions, non gmo corn and arugula)

This salad was decent.  The BBQ chicken was lightly flavored, but still tasty.  I enjoyed the corn and cheese together as well.  I would have preferred a light dressing of some sort, but it still managed okay without one.


(Organic rosemary and pancetta roasted green beans with balsamic roasted sirloin)

This was the first and only meat entree we had.  The sirloin was tender and meaty.  The roasted green beans were a good pairing.  I definitely liked the additional smokey flavor from the pancetta.


(Organic portobello mushroom and lentil enchiladas with a spicy tomatillo lime sauce)

The spicy tomatillo sauce was a great hit.  It definitely packed a punch of flavor and spiciness which I was craving.  I only wish I had some extra sauce on the side as the tortilla seemed to have soaked up most of it.  The lentils and portobello mushrooms were very tasty together.

Overall Remedy delivers a unique food service to San Diego that some should find valuable  for those that are on the go and are health conscious.  However, I did feel the entrees were generally a bit underseasoned.  Some had very good potential, while a couple others fell flat.  Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the typical greasy and high fat/cholesterol/salt take out options, this is definitely it.  Thanks to Robbin at Alt Strategies and Remedy for making this happen!

To find out more about their services and prices, you can visit them at their website:

Remedy Foods
5145 Morena Pl
San Diego, CA 92110
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Tokyo Sushi Loha (Rolando)


The new Tokyo Sushi location opened in October last year and is only a few blocks down the street from its previous, smaller location off of El Cajon Blvd.


It is definitely much more spacious inside than the last location. It is clean and modernized with a lot of glowing blue colors. Tokyo Sushi Loha is perhaps best known for its loud music at night, permeating each crevice of the restaurant. I noticed there were two separate eating areas. We came for lunch when it was quiet and low key. But I’m guessing one of the wings they keep toned down a bit at night for those that don’t want to experience the club atmosphere. We enjoyed the food at the old restaurant, but the music was a bit much.

We were given thin, house made sweet potato chips. They were not bad. Maybe they tasted better due to our hunger level being higher than average. 

We ordered the Crazy Dragon Roll. It had shrimp tempura, avocado, and unagi (eel) on top. This also tasted good. The eel wasn’t slimy and the eel sauce gave it a nice sweetness. The tempura held up and rounded out the roll.


We also got the Monkey Brains. This is a deep fried mushroom, stuffed with crab, spicy tuna, and eel sauce on top. We do tend to love our cooked rolls and this satisfied our craving for them. The tuna had a tiny kick to it and along with the eel sauce, danced around our tongues ever so smoothly. This had to be the favorite of the day.


Last, and in the case, least, the scallop appetizer. It was supposed to be prepared in a butter sauce with mushrooms and broccoli. That last sentence made it sound like it wasn’t. I guess it just didn’t taste like anything we had imagined. It was under seasoned, bland, the scallops did not seem fresh, and overall just bleh. We will stick to the sushi for sure next time!

We have had some good times at the old location when we were in the mood for glow sticks and thumping music. It is a great place to take friends to have some sake and sushi at night. We are looking forward to checking out the night service to see how it compares.

Tokyo Sushi Loha
6502 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92115

Tokyo Sushi Loha on Urbanspoon

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