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The Dog Shack’s Brat”WORST”

So, Darren and I decided to grab a quick bite because we were super busy in our office. We look across the street, and we see The Dog Shack parked along our main street, Rio San Diego Drive. We had already planned on going somewhere else quick (Taco Bell), but we were intrigued by the […]

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Hat’s off to The Hat

I first encountered The Hat 15 years ago.  My Dad wanted to grab a quick bite, and said he knew of a little sandwich shop that had the best pastrami.  Sure, why not?  I was expecting a basic pastrami that was dry, salted, and coupled with some rye bread.  Boy, was I wrong!  Wrapped carefully […]

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My car took me to Tops recently in Pasadena and I just had to post my discoveries. There is a growing debate amongst my family between The Hat or Tops and after this experience, I am siding with the Tops contingent. Let me explain why. Kobe beef dip sandwich. If you like french dip sandwiches, […]

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