Lucha Libre es muy delicioso!

So, I’ve seen the outside of Lucha Libre before in the Mission Hills area by the India Street restaurants. I thought…just another San Diego taco shop. Nothing new, right? Wrong! After watching Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food San Diego episode, I was inspired to try their famous Surfin’ California burrito. I mean…if Adam would feature Lucha Libre alongside restaurants like the Broken Yolk and Phil’s BBQ, this place must be special.

When we arrived, it was nice to find a little shared parking lot to the side because it would be near impossible to eat here otherwise. As expected, the line went out the door – probably due to it’s recent fame from the show. You can tell that they weren’t ready for this sudden influx of business because they were taking orders from just one cash register, and we probably stood in line for at least 20 minutes before ordering.

The inside of the restaurant is festive and what you would expect to see in a taco shop called “Lucha Libre.” If you aren’t familiar with this Mexican-style of professional wrestling where colored masks are worn, think of Jack Black in the movie, “Nacho Libre.” Colorful lucha libre wrestling paraphernalia decorates the walls, and there’s even a large disco ball hanging from the ceiling. In the corner roped off is the “Gold Champion’s Booth.”

And according to their website, you need a 24-hour advance reservation to sit here. Plus, if you show up wearing a lucha mask, you will get a luchador discount. Not sure how many people have taken up this offer.

After ordering, each person is given a little tray of chips as a bonus to enjoy while waiting, and the salsa bar offered a variety of delicious salsas. My favorite were the normal red salsa in the upper left and the cilantro lime creamy salsa in the lower left.

The Surfin’ California burrito did not disappoint. Imagine a California burrito with added an added bonus – Shrimp! I appreciated that the steak was flavorful and tender, and even more that you didn’t have to go digging around for the shrimp and that they were deveined, plump, and juicy. The burrito was large enough that it would satisfy anyone’s weekend midnight California burrito craving. What’s not to love? Marinated meat and shrimp? Check. French fries? Double check! Avocado, pico de gallo, and a delicious creamy chipotle sauce? Triple check!! The picture does not do it justice. You’ll have to try it yourself.

So, we also ordered a seafood taco with grilled mahi mahi, which was probably the size of 2 tacos. And that’s all that was noteworthy. Likely we may not be ordering this again.

So, next time on my to-try list may have to be their DDT loaded baked potato with steak, shrimp, bacon, mushrooms, cheese and chipotle sauce. Or, their Champion’s fries with a choice of steak, chicken, or adobada and beans, cheese, guac, and sour cream.

Lucha Libre
1810 West Washington St.
San Diego, CA 92103

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2 Comments on “Lucha Libre es muy delicioso!”

  1. You should try the Queso taco next time! It's got this crispy layer of cheese(like the cheese skirt from the Squeeze Inn episode of diners, drive-ins, and dives) that sits underneath your topping of choice. Personally, I fill mine with fries :). Love the new blog, keep up the good work kids!

  2. Yes this place is a gem but you can't always Adam Richmans word for it. I was surprised when I first saw this place because I had been to a Luche Libre themed Torta resturant in mexico city and then another one in Los Angeles inspired by the mexico city one. I wish I didn't lose the luchadore mask I wore in mexico city while going up against the isreali and the Aussie for the world championchip. It was a super estrella mask. Good times, good food, good beer, and i'll pass on the pulque.

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