Tijuana 100% Seafood Bar (Chula Vista)

There comes a day when you realize you live in San Diego and you haven’t really given it your full attention or respect.When that day comes you may head down to the beach to appreciate it or maybe give surfing a try.Others may just prefer to take a walk at Balboa Park and enjoy the nice weather.Me?I find more fish taco restaurants near the border!It’s very hard to bump TJ Oyster Bar off its pedestal but Tijuana 100% Seafood Bar just may give them a run for their money.Their sign outside seemed welcoming enough, so in we went!

There was a good amount of various items on the menu but in order to compare this place to other fish taco establishments, we had to get as close to the “normal” order as we could.They gave us some tortillas, saltine crackers, limes, and hot sauce to start.But we were there for the seafood!First up was the regular fish taco.This particular fish taco had a generous portion of fish with toppings, was breaded nicely, and had a unique flavor to it.I think Rubios fish tacos are dominated by the sauce they put on it (which isn’t always bad) while other fish taco places rely on salsa or Tapatio to pile on.All this one needed was a little lime and appreciated the fish we did.It wasn’t too fishy, had a large flaky portion of fish, and was cooked oh so right.After one bite I was all smiles ear to ear and ready to take on the next item. At 99 cents this is a steal.

Smoked manta ray taco.That’s right, you heard me.Smoked manta ray taco.This was the closest I could get to TJ Oyster Bar’s smoked marlin taco (which they don’t serve any longer).What can I say about this one?A very salty and heavy taco.They didn’t hold back on the seasoning.I’m beginning to feel like they don’t shy away from giving you a good amount of fish here no matter what you get.The stingray was shredded / chopped up and it was so powerful that I’d only be able to eat about half of one of these bad boys.So bring someone willing to chow down with you…like your willing and able, beautiful girlfriend!I’d get it again because it was tasty (think bacon), but there’s no way I could take on more than one of these at a time.Buyer beware.

Luckily we also got the seafood broth.We’ve been on a good streak of getting these types of soups from random places across San Diego.I’m not sure if I’m just a sucker for soups or these actually just are all amazing.This one was no exception to being amazing.The seafood was real – no jokes about it.It was full flavored, rich, bold, and had all sorts of seafood in it including octopus, fish, squid, and scallops.One cup of this is enough but if I had a plate of rice, watch out.

Last on our seafood excursion were the ceviches: shrimp and fish.This was where I had to stop myself and really appreciate what we had before us.One shrimp ceviche and two fish ceviches.One order of fish ceviche comes with two actual orders!This was a great discovery yes indeed it was.Not only did we get the quantity.We got the quality!This is one dish that I thought bested TJ Oyster Bar.The fish seemed fresher and it didn’t hurt we got two of them to affirm how great they tasted.The balance of lime, onions, fish, tomatoes and avocado is something to witness firsthand.TJ Oyster Bar’s version doesn’t include avocado but while it didn’t detract from the ceviche, it certainly didn’t hurt it. The shrimp ceviche also was better here.The shrimp pieces were larger and it just tasted like more went into it than at TJ Oyster Bar.

So here we have it.The ceviche goes to Tijuana 100% Seafood Bar.The tacos go to TJ Oyster Bar.And the seafood broth is a tie.Really both places are amazing and it’s so close to call.I’d be happy dining at either of this and would be 100% content flipping a coin the next go around.

Tijuana Seafood Bar
3120 Main St.
Chula Vista, CA 91911

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