Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food Cafe (Rolando)

Who’s down for some fried chicken!?I don’t really frequent too many fried chicken places these days.I used to go to Roscoe’s up in LA, but even don’t go there very often when I’m up that way anymore.But it was time to visit this place as I heard good things and had to see what it had to offer.The inside was rather interesting.A lot of different posters and seemingly random things everywhere.I rather enjoyed seeing what they had put up and it was entertaining to look around while we waited for our food.We happened to be there on a Sunday around lunch time and were the only ones in there…until church got out.Then the place filled out pretty good.

We got a starter plate with fried catfish, fried pickles, and fried mac and cheese.Do you see a pattern emerging?Maybe you can guess why I don’t eat fried chicken that often anymore.But it is nice to indulge every once in a while.I’d say the fried mac and cheese took this one down and beat its other plate companions.As you can see it had peppers inside, parmesan cheese on top, and had a nice crispy exterior.The fair version has nothing on Bonnie Jean’s mac and cheese.The fish was a little too fishy to me although my girlfriend enjoyed the catfish a lot.I’ve never been a huge catfish person so I’d imagine those with a taste for catfish would like this dish.The pickles were just okay.More filler than “I have to get that every time!”
Onto the main attraction.Chicken and waffles!I do not like to mix my sweet and savory 95% of the time.But for some reason I was in the mood today.It would have been fine if the waffles were better.But I do believe that their specialty is the chicken.And a mighty fine chicken it was.Crispy, tender juicy meat, and the full of flavor you hope to taste after biting into a piece of this glorious meat.How do you keep something so moist?You fry it of course!But really they do a tremendous job here with chicken and I’ll have to go back when I have another craving for fried chicken.
One last thing that I don’t have a picture of but my girlfriend Anh wanted me to mention was that we got Kool-Aid.What a complete soul food experience we had indeed at Bonnie Jean’s.
Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food Cafe
1964 54th St.
San Diego, CA 92105

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4 Comments on “Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food Cafe (Rolando)”

  1. I do like the chicken here – my boyfriend and I once got it with the honey pecan sauce on top and it was glorious. The wait here kind of sucks, but if you're okay with waiting then it's worth it.

  2. Honey pecan sauce sounds fantastic. I've never tried that before. I think we were lucky when we went this last time. We were the only ones in there for the first 20 minutes!

  3. hi there! nice post! it's been awhile since i've been here. i liked their fried catfish. i need to try their chicken and waffle.

    just down the street is annie belle's which also serves soul food. something to check out. their wings and waffles are pretty good!

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