The Dog Shack’s Brat”WORST”

So, Darren and I decided to grab a quick bite because we were super busy in our office. We look across the street, and we see The Dog Shack parked along our main street, Rio San Diego Drive. We had already planned on going somewhere else quick (Taco Bell), but we were intrigued by the unassuming truck and thought we’d give it a try.


The first odd thing was that we were the only ones here at the truck. “Oh well, maybe they just pulled up,” I reasoned. I inspected their menu and things looked pretty decent. I opt’d to get their “special” which was a cheese brat with saurekrout, and Darren chose the corn dog and chili cheese fries. Our orders took about 10 mins or so to prepare, so we figured these bad boys were made with love! First up was my brat.

Strike one.  The brat was kind of cold inside, but at the same time dry and overcooked.  That’s a combination I haven’t had in awhile – NOT a good thing.  The bun also did not feel or taste fresh. I think everyone can imagine what a-week-old bun would taste like.  Finally, the size of the “special” brat was tiny.  Do you notice the brat didn’t even clear the entire bun?  Yet, it cost over $5!  I would have honestly been happier with the $1.50 polish dog from Costco (and I would have gotten a drink too).

Next up were Darren’s corn dog and chili cheese fries.  Since we worked literally across the street, he decided to get it to go and took his spoils back to our office.  Time to find out what was inside the corn dog.

Strike two.  Has anyone seen a smaller corn dog?  We certainly hadn’t.  But, sadly at that point things were becoming comical.  Taste wise Darren didn’t find this corn dog to be anything special.

Strike three.  Next up were his chili cheese fries which were a greasy mess that sadly was no better than canned chili poured over cold tasteless fries.

I don’t typically like writing reviews that are unfavorable, but occasionally I feel inclined to warn our readers of some less than desirable food out there.  If there was one saving grace, the staff seemed genuinely nice.  But, with competition so stiff out there these days, nice only goes so far.

In a weird twist of fate, we stumbled upon something phenomenal the other week… San Diego’s best kept secret when it comes to a hot dog.  OMG.  Stay tuned for a review of Daddy’s Hot Dogs!


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