Casa de Reyes (Old Town)

Went to Old Town on a weekend with my boyfriend, Lemon (alright, it’s just a nickname). Believe it or not, it’s my very fist time to Old Town after years of living in San Diego. It’s a really nice place to go visit and walk around on a weekend. I am definitely going back again for food and a museum visit. Anyway, my focus is not on Old Town, but the place we had lunch that day at Casa de Reyes on the corner of Fiesta de Reyes.

It has a large amount of outdoor seating, and I like that, since there aren’t many outdoor seating restaurants in this beautiful city which has year round perfect weather.

They tried to create an authentic Mexican atmosphere with servers dressed in traditional fashion, colorful chairs, and plants everywhere.

When I go to a place to eat, I do not only go there for just a meal, I like to enjoy the atmosphere. It’s nice to feel like you’re in another country enjoying a holiday, relaxing and freeing yourself from the stress of normal life.

It was quite busy, and only few servers, but  we weren’t forgotten. After seating us, and studying the menu for a while, our server brought us  some chips and salsa.

Of course, we ordered Margarita. We got the classic Lime frozen Margarita. It was a bit strong to me at first, but it tasted less potent after some of the ice melted. It was still a great drink.

I had the Fish taco platter, which came with rice  and beans. I like the colors of the dish. The fish was mahi-mahi, and it was finely sauteed that it was soft and with tasty flavors of the mahi-mahi. It has the right amount of sauce and cheese, and it aided to add flavors to the taco, without overwhelming the fish. The vegges were fresh and the corn tortillas were freshly made. The rice and beans were yum too.

Lemon had Chicken Enchilada. He likes his dish, but after trying mine, he agreed with me that he would prefer mine. I had a few bite of the Enchilada. Maybe because it wasn’t warm anymore when I ate them, but I didn’t like it the way I liked mine. The chicken was not tender, and it felt like a little over cooked (since it was stew chicken, I’d assume it should be tender). I think it could have been tastier if there were a little more enchilada sauce.

It was a satisfying meal, and we enjoyed the environment and the music. There was a band going around the restaurant and playing wonderful music. We had fun eating and spending time in Old Town that day, and are thinking about visiting some other places and restaurants next time.

Casa de Reyes
2754 Calhoun St,
San Diego, CA 92110

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