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Sooo… I was nominated to write this post because apparently, I’m only a few people left in America who has not been to Dave and Buster’s (maybe TLC can do a show on that). If you are one of the few as well, you are in good company, if you aren’t ,well, you get to read this post like it’s your first time (Yay!).

In honor of summer Dave and Buster’s debuted a new summer menu (complete with drinks) with 10 new games.


To start our Dave and Buster’s adventure we were given 4 drinks, which, in theory would mean a drink a person, however, I somehow ended up with 3 drinks by the end of dinner. Supposedly, the staff at Dave and Buster’s and the SDF crew really wanted to see me thinking I can dance well. Be forewarned, if you do not like your drinks packed with sugar  you are probably better off getting a beer, however, one or two of these guys will help you get pumped for some gaming and are a fun treat to cool down with.

Starting from the left, you have the Watermelon Snowcone. Dave and Buster’s have expanded their adult Snowcone drink selection and as a kid/adult who used to wait until her snow cone melted so she could drink every ounce of sugary bliss, these taste remarkably like that with the wonderful adult addition of  booze. The Watermelon version has pretty much every melon flavored liquor you can think of including Midori and is served with the same ice used in snow cones and a frozen glass. If you’re looking for a nostalgic, easy on the eyes drink, this one is for you.

The next is the Strawberry Marshmallow Shake that includes Smirnoff’s Fluffed Marshmallow vodka. Very similar to a strawberry and cream sort of shakes or if you’ve ever had a Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream bar you’ll know what I mean. Also a very summer nostalgia drink that reminds you of the days when you used to eat ice cream as a primary food group.

A potent Agave Nectar Margarita is next in the line up. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the minimalist, fresh food movement that includes fewer and fresher ingredients and Dave and Buster’s is making a stride in that direction with this drink. My only qualms are the lack of fresh lime juice instead of margarita mix and the excess of salt. Probably one of the least sugar laden drinks being offered as well as the strongest, if you’re a fan of margaritas go for it, otherwise you should probably try something else.

The Jameson Shake is a rich drink that gives you the chocolate satisfaction, while validating your manliness or in some cases your awesomeness. It’s a fun twist on the classic chocolate shake for adults that only has a hint of Jameson at the end. Creamy and Chocolately, it is what a shake should be, plus it gives you that extra swagger with a little Jameson.

Finally the last of the summer drinks is a Strawberry Mango Margarita that is blended. It is pretty much the anti-Agave Nectar Margarita in every way. It is very sweet, you can barely taste the tequila and it is blended into a wonderful pink fluff. For me it tastes more like a smoothie than a Margarita, but I realize that is perfect for most people. So if you’re not a hardcore Margarita aficionado and like the fruity drinks, give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


To start the people at Dave and Buster’s gave us the 5:15 Platter, Pretzel Dogs and the Lawnmower Salad. It was like Sophie’s delicious Choice, except it was between the bar foods, the salad was out of the running, sorry mom.

The 5:15 Platter was named after the opening time of the first Dave and Buster’s (you can thank me after you win Jeopardy on that trivia) and man, is it everything you would ever want in a game night. You got your chicken wings, your fried shrimp, your homemade BBQ chips, your chicken quesadilla and the Pretzel dogs. The chicken wings are the right amount of spice for all your friends and if you have that one friend who thinks black pepper is too spicy, you’ll have no problem eating their share of wings. The BBQ chips are the most ingenious game food idea that you can order in a restaurant. Someone was finally like “People love BBQ chips, but you can never order them fresh anywhere … what if…” and then you ended up with the piping hot goodness that is Dave and Buster’s BBQ chips. The quesadilla and shrimp were also good, overall a great way to fuel your gaming and cut loose from a diet (if you have one ).

Which brings me to the Pretzel Dogs. Now if you spend half the time I do in malls, you’ve probably been offered a sample of a pretzel dog in the food court. You’ve probably been like “that’s a good little mouthful, but I doubt I’d ever eat a whole one … oh look a sale!” Well, maybe not that last part. Anyways, forget all other pretzel dogs because Dave and Buster’s hit this one out of the park. The Pretzel Dogs are wrapped in fluffy pretzel dough and dusted with a garlic salt spice mix, none of that rock salt stuff they use on traditional pretzels and can you tell the difference. Yes, 100 %, yes. If nothing else, go to Dave and Buster’s and order a platter of Pretzel Dogs and then invite me (only one of those is optional. Hint: it is not the last one).

Then we have the Lawnmower Salad. That poor dear didn’t stand a chance next to all the deep fried goodness, however, if you insist on going to Dave and Buster’s to order a salad, order this one. All the ingredients are incredibly fresh, a good move on Dave and Buster’s part, and pleases just about everyone. You have all the fresh veggies for your hippie friends, you have the eggs for you protein conscious friends and bacon for everyone else. Great salad and a way to make yourself feel less guilty about all the fried food and sugary drinks you’ve consumed thus far.

If you go to Dave and Buster’s hungry I strongly suggest you try everything listed above, however, if you still want more food after that proceed with caution. Overall, the entrees are nothing as incredible as the appetizers, but I will briefly describe a couple of them for those of you who might be interested.

First we have the Fajitas. Probably the best out of the three choices. The flank steak was a little too salty, probably because of the marinade, but they keep it simple and offer beans, rice, tortillas and a variety of toppings.

Next is the Black and Bleu Burger named for the Bleu cheese caked on top with onion strings. I’m not a big Bleu cheese person and there is A LOT of Bleu cheese on this burger, plus something like caramelized onions in addition to the onion strings on top. The patty isn’t fantastic, which is the entire foundation of the burger. If you like Bleu cheese and aren’t picky about your burger you can give it a shot.

Finally is the Skewer Platter, with beef, chicken and shrimp and a variety of dipping sauces like plum BBQ, pineapple pico de gallo and citrus chili sauce. Not my favorite. There’s quite a bit going on between the marinades and sauces and all are just a little off for some reason, like either too much salt or too much sugar.


In celebration of summer, Dave and Buster’s rolled out 10 new games. Most are at least worth a play or two, but don’t forget about all the other classics too!

You have the new 4 person air hockey. Absolute chaos complete with flashing lights and sound, particularly fun after a couple of drinks just watch your fingers!

The classic Connect 4 on the big screen. Lots of fun and you get to watch your friends beat each other on a huge game board.

The billiards room isn’t new, but it’s tucked away in a corner so if you’re too “adult” or hipstery for the flashing lights and sounds it’s worth a look.

The new Ice Age Game in honor of the newest Ice Age movie. The SDF crew may or may not have figured out the point of this game, but it sure is fun to bash the living daylights out of the acorns for 30 seconds.


Check out the re-vamped Dave and Buster’s for a game night with your friends. Enjoy the sugary drinks, the fried food and the games that makes everyone look like kids again. Dave and Buster’s has all sort of weekly specials you should check out including a DJ on Thursdays and Taco and Dos Equis on Tuesdays. I want to take a minute to give a big thanks the the San Diego Dave and Buster’s staff for being amazing and so gracious to the SDF crew. Happy Gaming!

2931 Camino Del Rio N
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 280-7115

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  1. Made me want to go to Dave and Buster’s and try the pretzel dogs. I have never been and didn’t know they had good food.

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