Zodiac in Neiman Marcus

If you have ever been to Fashion Valley, I’m sure you’ve walked through Neiman’s, at the very least because of the parking situation. I bet most of you didn’t know that there is a lunch restaurant tucked in by the home and cookware section that is refined and full of flavor (as you would imagine a Neiman restaurant would be).

Here is just a look at the table setting that is set out in front of you. You have your bread, but not just any dinner roll, a light, fluffy, buttery  Popover. If you have never had a Popover I strongly recommend trying one at least once in your life. I’ve only had them in the South, but they are a light, airy dough “popped” out in the middle and very rich, flakey and buttery. This one was served with a strawberry compound butter, so you had the sweet and the salty working with each other for an interesting bread course.

Next you are given an Amuse -bouche (french for “to amuse the mouth” merci beaucoup), a small bite sized appetizer meant to get your palate ready for the next course. Bet you didn’t know you’d be learning so much today! Today we had a Chicken Consomme served with a Cheddar Scone. A Consumme (pronounced like “con-sue-may”) is like a broth, but has gone through a clarifying process that involves simmering the richly flavored broth with eggs and lean meat. The end product is a decadent, flavor-packed broth looking drink or soup. The Chicken Consumme is pretty much exactly what you want to drink gallons of when you get the cold. Of course dipping the dense Cheddar Scone in the broth is a rich, heavenly flavor profile that makes you feel like a mature adult having a fancy Chicken Noodle soup with goldfish. To. Die. For.

I had the Roast Turkey Italian Melt. A hearty sandwich that has melted mozzarella with fresh tomato and basil served with lightly dressed greens and fresh fruit! Pretty much everything you would want in a balanced lunch.

Michael and Darren had the Lobster Spaghettini and the Bistro Salad which they both said they enjoyed. I will say they looked absolutely delicious and incredibly fresh!

Since we were on a schedule we didn’t have any dessert, but if the rest of lunch was any indication, I’d happily give it a try.

Zodiac is a great little secret of Fashion Valley that offers a three-course, upscale lunch experience at a reasonable price for what is being offered, ranging from 10-22 dollars for entrees. Also important to note is the availability of a children’s menu called “Little Shoppers” and low-calorie menu options indicated by a red dress.

If you feel like a fancy meal, but only have a lunch break try Zodiac, it is sure to wow.


Level Three of Neiman Marcus
7027 Friars Road
San Diego,  CA  92108
(619) 542 4450

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