Bon Savor Product Test

Just a normal day at the office until I was given a food challenge from Darren and Michael that we all were to complete.

The Challenge: create dishes using the Bon Savor products given to us to sample
The Ingredients: Bon Savor Whole Wheat, Spinach Garlic and Tomato Basil Pesto Wraps

Kathleen’s results:

“Wrap Chips”
Each flavor was cut up, dusted with olive oil and sea salt and put into the oven until crisp. Not my favorite on its own, but would probably be good with a hearty dip.

“Caprese Wrapini”

Layers of fresh mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes in the Tomato Basil Pesto Wrap, grilled to perfection. The wrap lends itself well to heat making a satisfying crispy shell housing a juicy, melty center.

“The Spinach Frenchie”

The Garlic Spinach Wrap with Brie cheese, chicken breast, Granny Smith Apples, caramelized onions, Baby Spinach and drizzled with a fig vinaigrette. This wrap had an interesting aftertaste, but it did provide a nice little vessel for what was voted the most delicious creation by the distinguished panel of judges, also known as my college roommates (possibly swayed by the fact that dinner was cooked for free by me).
The Conclusion: Bon Savor Wraps are worth playing with, especially when toasted, and could be a fun way to spice up any meal.


Jady’s Attempt:

With a little Asian twist of us of the flour tortilla, this is how I used it.

1.Marinated pork with Korean BBQ sauce

2. Stir-fried pork with onions in skillet.

3. Finished dish.

4. Together with broccoli, wrap in heated tortilla (I heated mine in a skillet until it turned golden brown).

5. Done. Enjoy your BBQ Pork and broccoli wrap.

It was interesting to have tortilla prepared like this, and it wasn’t bad. I blamed that I kind of over cooked my pork, so it was little too chewy. And because I like a crispy wrap, I intended to heat it in skillet for a longer time. The only thing was that, it took quite a while for it to turn golden brown. However, it was a fun time experimenting the Bon Savor flat breads,  which had been a while since I put some creativity into my cooking.


Darren’s take:

So I cannot take any credit for making anything I am about to write about since my roommate Jason was the man at the helm on this night!  And a man he is that thrives on Mexican food.   Naturally when word got out that tortillas were available he jumped at the opportunity to try them out.  And this is what appeared on my plate when his Chris Angel like routine climaxed to completion…

What a sight!  Enchiladas filled with cheese, beans, peppers, onions, and “special” sauce.  There was a nice red sauce to top it off with cheese and some green onions.  He made two batches.  One with the wheat flour tortillas and one with the corn tortillas.

The first here is the wheat flour tortillas.  Surprisingly they held up quite well to all the sauce and kept its form.  It was nice and fluffy and the ingredients really stood out.  There wasn’t much flavor added from the actual tortillas but that may have been due to the “special” sauce that Jason adds to many Mexican meals.

The corn tortillas didn’t hold up as well but I’m more of a fan of the flavor.  It almost was like eating chilaquiles but without eggs.  So presentation-wise the wheat flour wins but in flavor the corn wins in my book.  Next time we’ll probably try doing regular tacos and see how they turn out.

Michael’s go:

I did more of the traditional pita meals and didn’t adjust the pita bread itself in any way.  I did have fresh ingredients that we were hoping would bring out the best in the pita.

As you can see I chopped up tomatoes. grilled some onions, bought some lettuce, made some chicken and had three different sauces – humus, yogurt, and tahini.

I have to say I was more pleased with the wheat flour pita (garlic and sesame tahini) than the whole wheat flour.  It’s not like the garlic and sesame flavors were that pronounced, it was just the whole wheat flour seemed too healthy and one note for me.  It almost took away from what was inside the pita.  Whereas the garlic and sesame pita allowed the ingredients to shine.  The tahini sauce was great with it and I would make it again!

All in all it looks like we had a great time experimenting and seeing what we could come up with!  Hope you all enjoyed this fun journey with us.

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