Slater’s 50/50 (Point Loma) and BACON

So after having a lifetime of bacon in one week, I decided to make a BACON (since it should always be all caps) post. First off, let’s talk about the BACON gem known as Slater’s 50/50.

This BACON week all started after my roommates and I (stupidly) watched a program called “BACON Paradise” on Travel Channel that highlights all the places around the county to die from BACON over dose. Surprisingly most places were in California including Slater’s 50/50 who originated in Anaheim and moved down to Point Loma to bestow BACON heavenliness all around San Diego.

Slater’s 50/50 was started by an ambitious young lad who used to come tailgate at Charger’s games. In order to spice up his tailgate party, he started making BACON patties. By splicing that BACON with Grade A Beef, you get a 50% BACON, 50% beef patty or Slater’s 50/50 patty.

With plenty of fried bar-type appetizers to accompany their 110 beers on tap, I ordered one of my favorites, Fried Pickles. As you can see, I was also enjoying a citrusy Coronado Orange Avenue from Coronado Brewing Co. with my pickles. Fried pickles are my favorite because they are crunchy and salty and when you add some ketchup, a little sweet too. Beautiful Fried Pickles. Light, fluffy and crispy beer batter and crunchy, salty pickles.

Now for the star, the 50/50 Burger, with BACON ketchup instead of aioli because what’s better than ketchup and BACON? Topped with a fried egg, avocado mash and pepper jack cheese all on top of a 50/50 patty and crispy, buttery bun. BACON decadence. I managed to make it halfway through my burger, but then my body when into a BACON Coma. Something every BACON lover should try at least once in their life. You have your spice, your creamy avocado and your breakfast, not to mention your BACON x2.

We went mostly for BACON, but also for trivia on Tuesday,  I would  recommend ONLY the BACON.

A great selection of BACON products, we didn’t even have dessert, but they do have a BACON Brownie and BACON Shake I may just have to go back and try at some point. Want more? You can visit them here: and dream of your BACON creation.


Just top off this BACON post, a recipe from our friend Tony for… wait for it….. BACON. JAM. That’s right BACON JAM. It tastes like BACON and has a nice sweet and spice balance. Perfect for sandwiches, chips, the big game and anything you can dream of. Tony made a couple of adjustments as you can see below, but the orignal called for coffee as well. After a very precise taste test, as in the 3 of us, we decided the one without was better, but if you prefer a smoky, depth to your jams, try the coffee!

Bacon Jam
1/2 pound bacon, finely chopped
1/2 small onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
2 tablespoons maple syrup
1 tablespoon red chili flakes
I made a few changes, mainly more onion and garlic. It was a bit too sweet for me so I think I may want to reduce the brown sugar next time but it seems most people like the current sweetness. Oh and I doubled the recipe to make enough for that jar I kept the jam in!
Where’s your favorite place to get your BACON fix? Did you try Tonys’ BACON Jam?
A special thanks to Tony for making one of the tastiest substances on this planet and sharing his secret with the rest of us.
Slater’s 50/50
2750 Dewey Rd
San Diego, CA 92106

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