The Promiscuous Fork (La Jolla)

Hello everyone.  How’s everyone loving this rain!?!  Okay, it’s not that exciting.  But I think I’ve come across something to make the thought of that wet sock go away.  The Promiscuous Fork!  They opened earlier this year in an unassuming strip mall situated next to a liquor store.  But hold your horses, they serve beer and wine so you don’t have to get out of your chair just yet.  Let’s take a look at the menu they served when Anh and I went.

Sorry I couldn’t get a picture of the whole menu.  But as you can see there are quite a few solid options to choose from.  It was hard for us to decide so just like any other place when my eyes start to wander, I asked the cashier what I should get.  She hands down told us to get the special of the day, the chicken sandwich.  There was no hesitation whatsoever.  When you ask this question of people working in restaurants you can get a few different answers and I’d like to break them down for you.  You can get the “everything is good on the menu so you really can’t go wrong with anything.”  Now that could be true at some restaurants but I have to say the majority of the time that line is complete hog wash and a lazy response.  Other times you get a long pause and it appears as if the person is either doing some intense soul searching or they’re calculating how many seconds left they have to be there taking orders and serving customers.  Then they suddenly snap out of their stupor and tell you “well, it depends.  These two items are very different and it depends on what you are in the mood for.”  Again, a perfectly legitimate answer.  But at the same time, I have to believe for most people there is a clear winner in their mind.  I’m not asking what other customers prefer and asking them to do an average over time on the spot.  I’m asking them to tell me which item they order more often, better yet which item would they order right now if I was serving them.  Lastly, you get what we got on this night.  One hundred and ten percent clarity and precise direction from someone who had no doubt in their mind that the special of the day, the chicken sandwich was the way to go.  Like the chefs were going to cook that sandwich specifically and specially for us with our names on it.  So we ordered it along with the surf and turf grilled cheese.

The place was pretty small and they had the crew cooking up the food along the way in line.  It smelled great!

When Anh first bit into the surf and turf she looked at me and made a noise and smiled.  The noise was a thoroughly positive and a reinforcing one that makes me smile inside and out.  But what she did not know was that I too was smitten by the bite I took into the chicken sandwich.  In that moment I was sure that that mouthful was one of those transcendent rare bites of wonder and amazement that you come across not enough times in life.  I instantly cast her joyous murmur aside and told her “wait till you try this!”  So she did, and then she looked into my eyes and paused, then said: “honey….that’s good.”  Yes I would travel many miles for a bite such as this.

So there we were having one of the, if not the best chicken sandwich of our lives.    Bacon, cheese, lettuce, pesto sauce, and perfectly cooked chicken.  I wish I took a picture of the special of the day hand written on a white piece of paper.  The sandwiches came with sides of mac salad and coconut jalapeno rice, but come on.  It was about this sandwich.  I hope they make this a permanent item on the menu.  I don’t have too many memories that penetrate my psyche and leave an imprint on my food loving heart but this one did just that.  Can they replicate the feelings I now feel for this sandwich on another average day?  Yet to be seen, but I will certainly find out.

The Promiscuous Fork
6984 La Jolla Blvd.
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 454-3663

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