Gaijin Noodle and Sake House (Gaslamp Quarter) Restaurant Week

I’m going to be honest, when I want noodles I go to Convoy, but after seeing Gaijin’s extensive tasting menu I took a leap. Nestled in the Gaslamp Quarter, it seems rather unassuming, but inside the doors is a modern, minimalist, good-time restaurant.

First up for my starter was the Pork Carnitas Bao with red rock sugar. Delicious.  The red rock sugar added an extra textural element, some crunch if you will. I love bao buns, so the soft bun, spicy sauce and crunchy pickles did not disappoint.



Second course was Yakitori, little skewers of tastiness. This time it was Japanese Mushrooms Wrapped in Bacon. The bacon was nice and smokey and the mushrooms were earthy little gems.



Time for noodles! I opted for the Drunken Noodles. The seasoning was great, a little spicy, a little savory a perfect end for a night downtown. The meat wasn’t great and the vegetables were difficult to eat (but that’s probably because my chopstick skills are subpar).



Finally, for dessert, the ‘smore (which I guessed was cooked over the Yakitori grill). It was ‘smore, nothing really memorable, but a sweet end.


I really enjoyed the structure of Gaijin’s Restaurant Week menu because it let me taste a little bit of everything in great tasting portions. If you’re out in the Gaslamp, give Gaijin Noodle House and Sake Bar a try for a good time and good food. Did I mention they hand out sake shots? Really.

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