RakiRaki Ramen – San Diego (Convoy Area)

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Their name is certainly intriguing!  Rakiraki Ramen is tucked into the heart of the Convoy area and surrounded by numerous other Asian restaurants.

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There weren’t a lot of people when we got there, but the place filled out by the time we left.  There are tables and a bar area that face the kitchen.

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The first thing we tried was the Chicken Karage.  The portion size was decent and the chicken was crispy and hot.  I would definitely get it again.

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We also tried out the softshell crab roll.  The presentation was nice, but both Darren and I found the flavor lacking.

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I ordered up the spicy tsukeman (dipping noodles) with pork belly.  It was quite tasty and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’ve never had this type of ramen before.  I guess for the uninitiated it could be called a deconstructed ramen.  My only criticism is that the broth could have been hotter.  Once you dip the noodles into the broth, the temperature starts dropping.  So, it would have been perfect if it started out super hot.  The broth wasn’t too spicy and the pork belly added a nice meat element to the dish.  The noodles where well cooked and you can use some lime to squeeze on top to give it a refreshing pop.  I’d definitely recommend this one.

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Darren ordered the premium ramen with pork.  He seemed to enjoy it also.

The service was pretty good and their special filtered water was a nice compliment to our lunch.

Just adjacent to the kitchen is a snow angel stand with frozen treats like mochi ice cream, frozen carmelized brulee, and snow made with soy.  I didn’t have room to try it out this time, but maybe next time.

Rakiraki Ramen
4646 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 573-2400

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3 Comments on “RakiRaki Ramen – San Diego (Convoy Area)”

  1. RakiRaki is one of my favorites! I love their tsukemen although the pork was just all right when I visited.

  2. I definitely recommend getting the taro snow ice next door! I do hate how the tsukemen sauce gets so cold so fast. But all the places I’ve been to in CA seem to do it the same way. I heard in Japan, some places will put the sauce on its own little burner so it keeps warm during your whole meal.

  3. We made a comment about the sauce and they said that because of the cold temperature of the noodles the sauce gets cold a lot faster. Due to people asking about it they’ve started to serve the noodles warm so the sauce doesn’t get cold as fast! Also one note on the pork is that they started to cook the pork and char it a little to give it some texture. They didn’t do that in the beginning when they first opened. Will have to try the taro snow ice next time!

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