Lay’s Specialty Potato Chips

You may have heard that Lay’s has three special flavored potato chips, being sparsely dispersed at local drug stores or markets.  I’ve actually tried to get a hold of these over the last few weeks and finally found the last flavor the other day.  I don’t even like potato chips that much, but the different flavors and challenge of finding them kept me going.  The three flavors are chicken and waffles, cheesy garlic bread, and sriracha.


These three flavors are going to be available for a limited time.  I think they will stop selling them sometime in May.  You have a chance to vote for your favorite flavor and whichever one has the most votes will be included in normal production and will be available just like the rest of the Lay’s flavors.  The other two will presumably disappear, never to be seen again.  I think I found my first sriracha bag at the Ralph’s in Mission Valley.  The sriracha was easier to find for Anh and I.  She was able to pick a few up at Stater Brothers.  We happened to be in a CVS and found the cheesy garlic bread.  And last the chicken and waffles were at a Vons.  They don’t always have them and I think they are purposely releasing a small quantity at a time to try and keep the buzz up as much as possible.


Where to begin.  I’ll start from left to right.  Ah the garlic cheesy bread!  The aroma of the garlic cheesy bread is spot on.  But I couldn’t help but think of cold, stale garlic cheesy bread when I took a whiff.  The taste itself is a lot less potent than the smell.  I actually was disgusted of the smell and started to conjure up images of moldy cheese.  The taste itself is not distinct enough for me to want to try it more than once and I don’t want to have to hold my breathe either to enjoy what I’m eating.

Now I was excited about the chicken and waffles.  Mostly because I miss Roscoe’s in LA and it was the hardest to get my hands on.  The smell is that of maple syrup.  I couldn’t really detect any fried chicken smell.  When you first put it in your mouth and started chewing you get hints of fried chicken, but shortly after you get a sweet sensation followed by a slight chicken/herbal/spice aftertaste.  I’m not one to mix my savory and sweet.  I do love my chicken and waffles, but prefer to eat the chicken first and then the waffles.  Maybe that means I don’t really like chicken and waffles.  I just like chicken and I like waffles.  Details details details…  As far as the chips go, again I don’t think I’d go out of my way to get these on the regular.

Last up is the sriracha.  I enjoy my sriracha sauce with different dishes but I don’t put it on chips like the person that offered up this idea to Lay’s did as a child.  First impression is it’s a little more tangy and vinegary than the sauce version.  You get a spicy aftertaste but not too much.  All in all, I quite enjoy them.  They’re unique enough to warrant a purchase every now and then and not so off putting like the other two.  So there you have it.  My winner is the sriracha.  Try them for yourself and let us know your favorite!


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9 Comments on “Lay’s Specialty Potato Chips”

  1. OMG, I must find these! Especially the chicken and waffle one! I’m willing to give that a shot. I’m with you on the cheese one though. If something smells kinda rank, I am quite unlikely to eat it. My husband would like the Sriracha flavored ones too. Something to look for later today! Great roundup!

    They should release Ketchup flavored chips in the U.S. In Canada, all potato chip brands (including Lay’s) has a ketchup flavor. i know it may sound gross, but it’s one of the more popular flavors in Canada.

  2. The best feeling for me is finding the needle in the haystack. When I first started looking (the third store) I found this random tucked away sriracha bag amongst all these other flavors and felt so fulfilled that I got just one!

    Never had ketchup flavored chips before but I heard about them. Hope to try those too!

  3. late last year one of my friends texted me that she saw the elusive ketchup chips at this tiny mexican market down in cv. i went there a few days later and bought 4 bags (the ‘grab bag’ size/$1.49 each). i could have bought all 8 but i exercised restraint. the chips were hidden at the bottom of a random rack. when i went again a week later, sadly, they were all gone, $#%&!!!!

    hope i can find those flavors from your post!

  4. I have a soft spot for potato chips but even these have me a bit hesitant. I looked around, maybe not hard enough, and haven’t spotted any of the elusive flavors.

  5. The last place I found them were at Vons in La Mesa. They have been hard to track down and when I find them I typically buy a few bags at once because you may not be lucky for a while. I think they are going to stop making them soon so good luck!

  6. This Saturday is supposed to be the day they decide. Hopefully they’ll release a bunch of inventory at the end so everyone can try them all!

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