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When the general manager Ian over at Healthy Creations asked Michael and I if we’ve ever visited them I somewhat chuckled a little inside since 1) it’s a little far away from us in Encinitas and 2) it has Healthy in the name.  But Ian assured us if we liked good food we would not be disappointed.  Next thing I know Michael and I are headed over to try them out on a random day, in an unassuming shopping mall.  Aside from fresh food and drinks they also have healthy products they sell off the shelf and also cold products in a refrigerator on on side of the restaurant.  
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They focus on local organic and gluten free products and also have an ingredient binder that lists all of them out in case you are curious or have any allergies.  Looking over the menu, it was a little hard to decide what to get but Ian swooped in to the rescue and offered up his suggestions.


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Michael got the chocolate “malted” almond milk and I got the kombucha on tap.  The kombucha was a little more welcoming than some other versions I’ve tasted out of a the bottle.  This one was sweeter and had a hint of sourness.  Michael loved his chocolate “malted” almond milk and we were told that the maca was what gave it the natural nuttiness.  I think he’d get this again!


The mango and avocado salad tasted like it looked: great.  I had a salad that had similar ingredients a few days prior but lacked that freshness and unnecessarily drenched the salad in dressing.  Everything on this plate you see was rich in flavor, fresh, and tasted as it should.

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Michael got the twisted reuben panini which he also enjoyed.  He especially appreciated the large thick cuts of pastrami!

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I got the roasted Mediterranean chicken panini.  Soooo good!  The artichoke, chicken, cheese, everything really melted in your mouth.  They make their own focaccia bread in house and it was thin but sturdy and complimented all the ingredients inside.  At times artichokes can taste soggy and mushy but this one had a fresh crispy snap to them that I go nuts about.

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So apparently Ian wanted to stuff us silly and made a few more dessert suggestions.  We didn’t have to listen but that would just be rude so stack em up!  Here’s the strawberry lemon bar, a mini carrot cake cupcake, a chocolate peanut butter brownie, and mini cookie sandwich.  All of these were great. The chocolate peanut butter brownie was one of our favorites.  It had a tough texture underneath the chocolate and peanut butter layer but once you had it in your mouth you get in that happy place very quickly.  Ian and the head chef/owner Rhiana were very gracious and informative.  It was evident that they care about what they do and are keen on producing nothing but top notch options that are not only healthy, but also leave you with a smile on your face by not sacrificing great flavor.  I’d recommend stopping by to give them a try!

Healthy Creations
376 N. El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 479 – 0500


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