Blind Lady Ale House (Normal Heights)


Blind Lady Ale House!  I’ve been meaning to review this for a while but just never got around to it…until now!  Michael and I used to go here for lunch when we worked close by and it was never a problem getting a table fast.  It gets pretty busy at night so be warned.  As you can see from the wall of beer, they have quite a collection.  It’s fun seeing how many you’ve seen or tasted before!  I got in a trance for a while staring at it.

IMG_3821The menu is straightforward and makes it easy for indecisiveness.  On this day we went with the Belgian Frites with three dipping sauces, a Caesar Salad, and the Egg & Bacon pizza.


The Caesar Salad had everything I enjoy in a Caesar.  Not overly dressed, no soggy croutons to get in the way, thinly shaved parmesan, and a little bit of sardine on the side for those that like it.  This was going to be a good day.  


Michael knows my love of fries and once told me a story about a place that served a mighty fine, potatoey, fat fry version that would knock my socks off.  It was on this day that all my fat fry fantasies would come true and I’d reach my happy potato place.  We added truffle oil and the Parmesan but honestly it may not be needed.  The fries themselves are so amazingly good that I had to take a minute to realize what I was getting myself into here.  After contemplating life, eating a fry, then further examining the existence of potatoes I decided: Blind Lady Ale House did what very few places do.  They serve as close to a perfect french fry as I could possibly imagine, even in my deepest, darkest fantasies.  The dipping sauces consisted of a homemade ketchup, and I believe a horseradish, and a mustard (maybe curry).  Having a soft inside and a delicate crispiness on the outside, I was transported to a land of potato bliss.  If you like fries, stop what you’re doing and go here.   


To end our meal we feasted on the Egg & Bacon pizza.  Haha!  Just thinking about this makes me smile.  Who puts swiss chard on pizza?  I’ll go one step further, who puts swiss chard on pizza and makes it taste good?  BLAH does!  The bacon, egg, romano, fontina, and caramelized onions certainly don’t hurt the cause.  Folks, I think we found a one, two, three knockout winning combo here in the salad, fries, and pizza.  Me thinks a trip to BLAH is long overdue!  

Blind Lady Ale House

3416 Adams Ave.
San Diego, CA 92116


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2 Comments on “Blind Lady Ale House (Normal Heights)”

  1. I love this place! Some of my friends from the East Coast claim that they have the best pizza in all of SD – and I can’t help but agree with them. I love the creativity they put into their pies 🙂 Haven’t tried much of the other food items, but after reading your description of those French fries, it’s hard to resist ordering them next time I visit!

  2. I haven’t been here nearly as many times as other pizza places so I don’t think I can say that quite yet. Guess I have to frequent it a few more times then! What’s your favorite pie there?

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