Dos Equis Comic Con Tasting 2013 with Chef Craig Thronton (Wolvesmouth)

It’s amazing to see how Comicon transforms San Diego once a year.  Fun people and festive activities fill the streets of Gaslamp.

When we got an invitation to the Dos Equis hosted Craig Thornton Tasting for Comicon, it was a no brainer!  Darren and I jumped on the opportunity to dine with one of L.A.’s hottest and most coveted underground chefs today.


Craig brought a team of 7 other chefs to assemble this night’s dinner for 25 of the “most interesting people”.


Dos Equis hosted graciously with an open bar and interesting decor.  The table setup was quite unique, as was the menu for the evening.  We were in for a special treat.


Ribeye Cap – Peach – Corn Salad – Poblano – Squash Blossom – Tortilla Cavatelli – Corn Puree


Zucchini – Tomato – Lobster – Yuzu – Masago – Green Tea Ricotta – Nectarine


Halibut – Sungold – BLT Aioli – Blue Lake – Bacon Profiterole – Lettuce Puree – Onion jam


Crab – Lemon Gelee – Squid ink Pasta – Shellfish Sabayon – Snap Pea – Snake Bean – Potato – Parsley Oil


Quail – Beet – Watermelon – Cheddar Fritter – Beans – Pickled Green Tomato

Craig last dish

Craig preparing our final dish…dessert!


Dehydrated Strawberry – Steam Cake – Yogart Live Curd – Almond Crisp – Lemon Lime – Black Sesame Buttermilk Panna Cota

As you may have guessed by simply looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions, the menu was amazing!!  Craig is as talented as they come.  He brings together several complex ingredients at a time and manages to wow you with each and every dish.  My favorites of the evening were the Ribeye Cap and the Halibut, followed closely by the Dessert plate.

Thanks Bjorn!

For more information on Wolvesmouth, checkout their website here.

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  1. We went to LA for a Wolvesmouth dinner two years ago and it was such a wonderful experience. Glad you got to experience Chef Thorton and his crew.

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