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Have you ever heard of The Better Chip?  I’m afraid we hadn’t before Kaitlin over at Murphy O’Brien sent us a package to try them out ourselves.  They are available in over 8,500 stores nationwide including our local Ralph’s and Vons.  You can find them in the deli section next to all of the dips.

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There are five flavors, each non-GMO and all natural.  They are gluten free and with the exception of the Sweet Onion, are vegan friendly.  

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t typically go out of my way to purchase products such as these since I’m not vegan nor am I vegetarian.  However, I do wonder the long term effects of ingesting so many products that are not natural and have been genetically engineered from who knows what will have on our bodies.  The timing of this package couldn’t be better as we’d have a few friends with dietary needs that would be able to eat these without any issues during our New Years party.  Little did I know that a few of them had already tried the Better Chip and turned out to be big fans of them already.



Some of our friends enjoyed them while others perhaps were more into the other options we had.  On my own I decided to taste them with things I’d typically have in the house like salsa and hummus, trying to picture myself incorporating this into my typical diet.  I quite enjoyed the Spinach and Kale with hummus.  The Spinach and Kale has a very subtle taste and doesn’t overpower nor drown out anything you dip it with.  The Jalapenos chip perhaps went best with the salsa (duh!).  Having a slight spicy tingle towards the end, they nudged you just enough to let you know what you’re eating.  This is especially wonderful for those who prefer a little extra kick in the rear.  The Sweet Onion has a distinct onion undertone throughout while the Red Pepper appeared to be the saltiest of the bunch.  And as far as the Corn, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this and many other good quality corn tortilla chips out there.  A bonus to the Corn or all of them for that matter is that they are not oily and do not leave a mess on your hands after touching them.

After sampling all of flavors I’d prefer to snack on the Sweet Onion and the Red Pepper by themselves.  They have such a distinct flavor and aftertaste that I’d need to find something perfect to compliment them with.  It would not be very difficult to find something to pair with the other three.  Having said that, all were unique and tasty on their own.  You may be surprised with my favorite of the bunch.  Go Spinach and Kale!  There’s something about it that screams clean and natural, but without the off putting bitter flavors one might associate with juicing kale by itself.  So there you have it.  You may see me dipping The Better Chip into a tub of hummus in the near future.  Special thanks to Kaitlin over at Murphy O’Brien and The Better Chip for giving us more great options to choose from!

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