Jin’s Pot (Kearny Mesa)


I noticed a new place pop up on the backside of a shopping mall on Convoy where China Max resides. That place is called Jin’s Pot.


They have various lunch specials for $7.99. I asked the waitress what she recommended and she told me to get the Pork Rice Noodle Soup. Don’t you love it when they get straight to the point and don’t list everything on the menu as being their favorite? Easy ordering atmosphere. Check.


It came out super hot with a soulful aroma. When it was set on the table we realized there was a spicy component which we didn’t know about beforehand. How spicy? Well if you can’t take spicy foods I’d ask if they can take it down a notch. I like me some spice and I certainly noticed it in here. After you get past the spice and take in the other flavors, you start to appreciate the different components. One mouthful gives you spicy, sour, and salty notes. It was very clean tasting and powerful, yet light. There’s house made pickled vegetables, green onions, pork, and rice noodles within the broth. Now comes the dilemma. Do I burn my tongue and risk a spicy overload in favor of an in the moment delicious mouthful? Lets just say I may have needed an ice cold milk tea afterwards and I left with no regrets, just satisfaction. The only question I have is what to get next time?

Jin’s Pot
4690 Convoy St., Ste B109
San Diego, CA 92111

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