Afters Ice Cream (Fountain Valley)

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Always on the lookout for fun new places, we heard about a new trendy dessert place called Afters opening not long ago. Their specialty? Ice cream filled donuts, or Milky Buns as they like to call them. It just so happened to be along the way on our road trip up north. What better time than now to stop by and check them out!? They have over 500 reviews on Yelp and have only been around since February. Afters Ice Cream is located in Fountain Valley off of the 405 freeway, about 90 miles north of San Diego and 40 miles south of Los Angeles.

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The place is hard to find and is tucked away in the corner of a strip mall next to a Pick Up Stix. Their rough sign that reads “ice cream” doesn’t completely paint a picture of donut ice cream, but the long line out the door is a dead giveaway. The line seems long, but I’ve noticed it can be a lot worst on weekends. It took about 20 minutes from when we stood in line until we had ice cream donut in hand.

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There’s a bright sign outside with their top five flavors of the…day, or maybe ever?

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As you walk inside the line wraps around to the right, where you can peek over the snaked line and finally scope out the various flavors you can sample for free. There was loud music thumping as we got closer. We weren’t sure what sugary club we just stepped foot in. A sign we are getting old? Blasphemy! They are $5.00 each while a regular scope of ice cream will run you $3.50.

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One thing I liked about this place is they let you sample as many flavors as you want. Obviously with a huge hungry line behind you, taking your sweet ole time may not be the best course.

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Feast your eyes on one of the latest donut incarnations. We ordered our glazed milky bun with jasmine milk tea. How did we come to that decision? Well, as we were sampling four flavors, we realized as we passed them off to each other we forgot what flavors we were tasting. Jasmine milk tea was our fall back flavor we were getting from the start, and none of the other flavors (almond cookie, Vietnamese coffee) changed our mind. It doesn’t have the best presentation, but come on, how can you go wrong with an ice cream donut? Was it the best thing I’ve ever tasted in the world? No. It was pretty darn fun eating it though. The donut got a little soggy at the end and maybe it was cold biting into it with my two front teeth, but when presented with life’s challenges one must persist. I honestly don’t know if the donut itself added a whole lot. The interesting ice cream flavors were what peaked my interest after the magic donut was unveiled. A spoonful of the jasmine milk tea really did taste like the drink equivalent.

We opted to get a single scoop of churro flavored ice cream in a cup in addition to our milky bun. I really liked this flavor too. The blend of sweet cinnamon with a smooth creamy finish was the fuel we needed to continue the drive up north. If you are on the way to Los Angeles, or don’t mind driving for food, then I highly recommend you give it a try!

Watch out for the wonut which Anh just told me about. A waffle/donut creation has hit Chicago. What city will it invade next!? 

Afters Ice Cream
18030 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

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