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remedy food So we were invited to try out Remedy Foods this past week and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  With a new baby at home, it’s always great to have food delivered straight to your doorstep.  And since we haven’t been eating the healthiest lately, it was nice to be sent fresh and organic pre-made meals.


Remedy’s meal delivery service is scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays.  That means once you make your selection, you’ll have your food delivered to your doorstep twice a week.  Each delivery contains three entrees that you have pre-selected. The food is delivered in a nice temperature controlled bag with some ice packs in case you’re not around.


(Organic golden quinoa salad with shredded chicken breast, strawberries, feta and basil)

The salad definitely had potential.  The strawberries were sweet and worked well with the crunchy quinoa and fresh basil.  However,  the dressing was very sour and I wished there could have been some honey added to round it out.


(Spanish style brown rice with lime, bell peppers, green onions and ground turkey)

I was excited to try out this dish as it sounded the best from the description.  But, if I’m being perfectly honest, this one was my least favorite.  The ground turkey was lacking flavor and the overall dish was too bland in my opinion.  I found myself adding a dash of salt, which defeats the purpose of eating healthier like this, but it needed something to spruce it up.


(Carmelized onion and lentil veggie burger with sliced roma tomatoes and a carrot cumin sauce)

On the flipside, I was a bit worried about this one.  I’ve encountered many veggie burgers that simply don’t cut it taste or texture wise.  I was surprised.  This one was very tasty especially with the bits of creamy cheese mixed in.  Plus, the carrot sauce added a nice touch of sweetness.


(Organic BBQ chicken salad with cilantro, green onions, non gmo corn and arugula)

This salad was decent.  The BBQ chicken was lightly flavored, but still tasty.  I enjoyed the corn and cheese together as well.  I would have preferred a light dressing of some sort, but it still managed okay without one.


(Organic rosemary and pancetta roasted green beans with balsamic roasted sirloin)

This was the first and only meat entree we had.  The sirloin was tender and meaty.  The roasted green beans were a good pairing.  I definitely liked the additional smokey flavor from the pancetta.


(Organic portobello mushroom and lentil enchiladas with a spicy tomatillo lime sauce)

The spicy tomatillo sauce was a great hit.  It definitely packed a punch of flavor and spiciness which I was craving.  I only wish I had some extra sauce on the side as the tortilla seemed to have soaked up most of it.  The lentils and portobello mushrooms were very tasty together.

Overall Remedy delivers a unique food service to San Diego that some should find valuable  for those that are on the go and are health conscious.  However, I did feel the entrees were generally a bit underseasoned.  Some had very good potential, while a couple others fell flat.  Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a healthy alternative to the typical greasy and high fat/cholesterol/salt take out options, this is definitely it.  Thanks to Robbin at Alt Strategies and Remedy for making this happen!

To find out more about their services and prices, you can visit them at their website:

Remedy Foods
5145 Morena Pl
San Diego, CA 92110

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