The Better Chip World Cup Edition

The World Cup is almost over, but you can still celebrate with The Better Chip! We received another box of The Better Chip from Kaitlin over at Murphy O’Brien and there’s two new flavors, Chipotle and Beet! If you haven’t heard about them before, we reviewed them in January. You can read about what we sampled here.


We even got a Brazilian shaker in the box! All of their chips are non-GMO and all natural. They are also all gluten free. The Red Pepper or Sweet Onion flavors are no longer listed on their website so they may have stopped producing those. With World Cup nachos recipes included, all inspired by different countries participating in the World Cup, we were ready to experiment.


We chose Mexico and Germany (sort of) to work with. I liked the flavor profile of the German recipe (pickled sauerkraut, bratwurst, bacon and brown mustard) but I decided to put a twist on it. So we ended up with a Korean concoction in the end. Here we cooked up some onions, sausage, and kimchi and put it on top of a beet Better Chip pictured to the left. On the right is carne asada, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro on top of a chipotle Better Chip.


The Korean nachos turned out great. The kimchi brought some heat while the chip itself gave it a nice a crispy texture to bite into. It was a little salty so I’d probably add some sweet peppers and maybe some honey to mellow things out next time. The beet chip is a tiny bit sweet, mild in flavor, and held up to the toppings quite well. Overall, a bold combination worthy of celebrating the World Cup!

The Mexican nachos were more or less what we expected. It turned out really nice and coupled with the chipotle chip, had everything we were looking for. What I didn’t expect was the noticeable, but pleasant heat that lingers in your mouth afterwards. The heat level is reminiscent to that of their jalapeno chips. There were also smoky notes along the way and I would gladly make this reliable combo again.

There’s two games left in the World Cup, so bust out your favorite nachos and have fun with it! Even if you miss the games you can serve these up at any other gathering. Enjoy the weekend!

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