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Eating authentic street tacos definitely brings back some memories.  Back in college, we would cross the border into TJ on a late Thursday night, or venture our way down to Rosarito Beach for a Spring Break weekend.  While some of my friends will probably remember the hard hitting beats at the clubs, I simply remember searching out the best and most authentic foods I could find… mostly on the street.  Adobada tacos quickly became a favorite for Jorgina and me.  If you’ve never had them, it’s a must try!   (Think marinated pork meat on a roasting spit. )  Anyhow, we recently took a trip down to San Ysidro by the USA / Mexico border and stopped by Taqueria Revolucion.  We met with Emilio and his staff and were able to sample a few different tacos they specialize in.


The restaurant  is quaint, but large enough to feel comfortable.  All the menu items are listed above the kitchen window in front of the main counter.  Simple and to the point, Emilio’s goal is to concentrate on a few great items rather than a huge variety.


We were brought a couple cups of Agua de Jaimica (Hibiscus tea).  We’ve never had this before (we’re usually more Horchata types), but it was interesting.  It was a bright crimson color and had an herbally sweet/sour taste.  It wasn’t our favorite, but I suspect it’s one of those drinks that could grow on you over time.


They also have a variety of other fountain drinks.


Oh yeah, they also have Mexican bottled cokes as well.


So first up was the Adobada Queso Taco.  There were generous helpings of meat inside with a nice serving of guacamole, queso, and onion/cilantro mix.  The taco was very hot and tasty.  However, we felt the adobada was a touch under seasoned… at least compared to Tacos El Gordo, which has made a name for themselves for the best street tacos.  Nevertheless, it was very good.  We’ve never had street tacos with queso before, but it was a nice addition that complemented the other ingredients well.  *The homemade corn tortillas with all the queso tacos were excellent.


Next up was the Birria Queso Taco which was stuffed with delicious stewed meat (beef in this case), queso, and cilantros/onions.  We really enjoyed the rich flavors of this meat.  In fact, we probably prefer this one over the Suadero Tacos at Tacos El Gordo.


The Carne Asada Queso Taco was next.  Again, this one was super flavorful.  I would definitely order this one again and again.


Last but not least was the classic Adobada Taco.  Simple and to the point, this taco was balanced well with the meat, cream sauce, and cilantro/onions.


Overall, Taqueria Revolucion captures the essence of authentic Mexican street tacos.  It’s a great treat this side of the border and we’ll be back again.  We wish Emilio and his team continued success.  There is even talk about opening another location in Northpark.  We think that’d be a perfect addition up there.


Taqueria Revolucion
362 E San Ysidro Blvd
San Diego, CA 92173
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