Thailand Week (preview night)


The beginning of next week marks the start of Thailand Week (Sept. 1 to 7, 2014).  Darren and I had the good fortune of covering the preview event a couple weeks ago at the Escondido Center for the Arts.  Since we both love Thai food, we were in for a special treat!  There were over 35+ different restaurants that attended and each had a quality dish to share.


This particular evening was highlighting the “Thai Select” designation as given by the Thailand Ministry of Commerce.  Basically, if you’re given this distinction, your restaurant is “legit” in the eyes of the Thai government.  It is not an easy designation to get, so restaurants need to be on their “A game” in order to qualify and present.  This evening there were several new restaurants up for the award.


With so many restaurants to try, it became impossible to taste everything.  Nevertheless, we each had 3 heaping plates full of delicious and flavorful Thai food.  From the couple plates above, my favorite was the Mango Curry Chicken (which I believe from local favorite, Amarin Thai in Hillcrest).


In addition to being tasty, the event was entertaining and we got a experience some special performances highlighting the Thai culture.

Anyhow, check your local restaurant next week to see if they have any special promos going on for Thailand Week.  If you want more information, feel free to click on the brochure below.


 Thai Week Brochure

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2 Comments on “Thailand Week (preview night)”

  1. doh! i missed thailand week! this preview night looks pretty awesome though. was it a special invite only or were tickets available for purchase too?

    also, for this “Thai Select” designation, is it a one time award or is this status re-evaluated after a period of time?

    1. Hi Lynn, the preview night was a special invitation, but the Thai week was open to all. I’m not sure if the “Thai Select” designation is a one time award or is re-evaluated after time. I would hope they need to be reconsidered after a period of time just to ensure quality over time.

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