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Yes that’s right. Jack in the Box is getting in on the cronut craze. While they are a little behind the trend, we aren’t ones to pass up an opportunity to try these typically tasty treats. A few weeks ago we picked some up. Much like the Vons version, we weren’t expecting much. That’s the best approach going into these. Don’t get your hopes up, and then be pleasantly surprised.  DSC_0004 DSC_0010 And pleasantly surprised we were. The Jack in the Box version of the croissant donuts are miniature and topped with cinnamon and sugar. There is no filling like many other cronuts you may have had elsewhere, nor is there a glaze top. You can order one for $.99 or three for $1.99.  DSC_0017 Right out of the bag they were warm and soft. I wouldn’t say they were flaky like Azucar’s craynut, but the flavor and airy nature was not all that bad. It slightly reminded me of the inside layer of a popover from Zodiac at Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Valley Mall. Also since they are small, I didn’t notice a huge amount of oil getting all over my fingers. I probably won’t be flocking to Jack in the middle of the night for these, but dare I say, I kind of enjoyed them.

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4 Comments on “Jack in The Box Croissant Donuts”

    1. Haha I’m not sure you want your first experience with cronuts to be at Jack in the crack. But then again, if you muster the energy to track down one from a non chain afterwards it might taste that much better!

  1. You know a “craze” is over when it’s featured at your local fast food restaurant, haha. They almost look like mini bundt cakes to me for some reason.

    1. I’m torn because they were good enough for me not to be pissed off I wasted $2, but then not good enough for me to be so happy I found something awesome. I wonder if the cronut will be around longer than the waffle donut. Hmmmm…

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