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Happy Holidays! Do you have a pickle lover in your family? Are you cramming in holiday shopping like everyone else? Maybe you can pick up some of Farvs Pickles locally before it’s too late!

I love pickles. Actually, I love almost anything pickled. Kimchi, pickles, carrots, daikon, you name it. Over the last year Anh has been making a huge batch of pickled carrots and jalapenos with garlic every few months. It sits comfortably in the back right corner of our refrigerator next to our constant supply of kimchi. So when Jarod Farver of Farvs Pickles contacted us asking if we had tried his pickles, the pickle fan boy in me was about to explode. He sent some over to us recently so we could see for ourselves how his family recipe has been updated with his own twist.


We were sent two jars. The Hampton Spears jar of pickles seem to embody the traditional pickle and allow the basic ingredients to highlight the pickle. While the Sunburn San Diego Mix gets the party started by waking up your tongue with strong delicate heat.


The carrots, onions, celery, red bell peppers, garlic, serrano peppers, dill, and vinegar, all played a starring role in the Sunburn Diego Mix. It was equal parts spicy, sour, and fresh. Jarod uses superb ingredients and it shows with the end product. A mouthful of flavors and sensations arise as you try to wade through the competing feelings you are left with after the first chew. Ultimately, leaving you with satisfaction and spice on the tip of your tongue.


The Hampton Pickles had the snap and crunch you always hope for, while delivering on the dill flavor. There wasn’t any noticeable spice to this one, although he does offer a pickle jar with habanero’s if you like to shed a tear during the consumption process. The best way to describe his pickles are homemade, real, and lively.


Jarod gets his ingredients from Specialty Produce and loves that he can source everything locally. He mentioned to watch out for him at farmers markets in 2015. You can buy his products on his website or you may encounter them at restaurants like Table 926, Taste and Thirst, or S&M Sausage and Meat amongst many others. It was fun opening each jar and tasting his family recipes in our own home. If you like pickled things like we do, I hope you can get the same enjoyment we did.

Farvs Pickles

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