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Darren and I first tried Iceskimo this Summer when they opened up as a popup store (inside the Pangea Bakery).  They only had a few options back then, but it was certainly memorable as our favorite snow ice in San Diego.  (*If you’re from L.A. you probably have had, or heard of Blockheads).  Anyhow, Iceskimo finally opened their brick and mortar store on the corner of the Dumpling Inn shopping center Nov. 1st.  Parking isn’t the best, but it’s worth the hassle IMHO. 20141106_132158

Inside is a simple and clean setup.  You can choose from two sizes, regular or large.


They have several flavors to choose from and then you can customize it as you want it.  Alternatively, they have a few pre-tested favorites for those that don’t want to make choices on their own.


We opt’d for the salted caramel in the regular size. They take the flavored block of ice from the back and shave it before you.


There are a lot of different options to customize your snow (think Yogartland).


We didn’t get to fancy… just some oreos, strawberries, mango pop’em boba, some mini mochi, and topped off with condensed milk.  Overall, very good.  I only wished the salted caramel was more intense in flavor as I remembered it previously.  However, I suspect in the beginning their batches may taste a little different each time.  I guess I’ll just have to give it another try!


A great alternative to fro-yo, but a little more expensive.  Fortunately the quality of their ice is worth it!


4609 Convoy St Suite B
San Diego, CA 92111


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