Table No. 10 (Downtown)

In August we visited Table No. 10 and had one of the better meals of 2014. We were excited to meet up with Kirbie and her hubby to see if the magic could be recreated.


Apologies for the lack of light this time around. We ate a lot later than the last meal we had and the sun was nowhere to be found. Michael and I didn’t order this drink duo but we had to get a picture of it. As we are not huge drinkers we let them handle the fancy drink. The dry ice and mist show is always exciting when they pour it for you tableside. Our friends mentioned they preferred the Flux Capacitor which also features dry ice, but this one wasn’t bad, leaving you with a distinct smoky taste.


I put a sad face on when I read that they weren’t serving their creamed corn with house bacon which I destroyed last time. However, there was a fun potato side dish being offered that looked intriguing. At first I didn’t remember what Robuchon Potatoes were. I know of the chef but it wasn’t registering until Kirbie explained what the deal was with them. This version was thick, smooth, and quite rich. It is best to take a small amount first to taste and then swallow carefully. If you are a noob like me, you may almost have an accident as this is a choking hazard for the uninitiated. Boy was it good after I got up to speed on the method of consuming this decadent, buttery, potato lovers dream. They said it wasn’t as thick and rich as the original version, but still was something to enjoy.

Michael got the Lazy Ravioli, braised suckling pig, roasted tomato, ricotta, and natural jus. The flavor was pleasant and not as bold as the potatoes, but still exhibited the porky goodness you crave for through and through. The pasta had a nice bounce and texture to it which complimented the pig.  DSC_0603

I got the Beef Brisket, house pickles, sweet onions, pan de mie, and bbq sauce. It wasn’t as amazing as the pork belly and scallop dish we had previously, but had a nice smoky flavor to it. The meat was tender and the sauce gave it a little tang and sweetness. Unlike the other dishes before, something was missing. Maybe it was lacking some sort of noticeable vegetable, I’m not sure. Even though it wasn’t my favorite, I still managed to leave my plate as light as I could for the servers to take back.

We had a good time catching up with our friends and it is always fun swapping blogger stories. Although the food didn’t match the first visit, it by no means was disappointing. I have my eye on you Porterhouse for 2 next time!

Table No. 10
369 10th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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  1. I feel like such an alcoholic now! We actually hardly ever drink at restaurants, not sure why I was suddenly in the mood. It was so good catching up! We must meet up again in a few months and not like 2 years. hehe

    1. Haha no, you are just better at sucking it up and writing about alcoholic drinks on the blog for all the drinkers out there more than we are. Yes let’s beat our 2 year mark. That shouldn’t be too hard! Maybe next time it will be easier to find a new place to try. 🙂

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