Family House of Pancakes

A year later and I’m still exploring all the little nooks in the South Bay.  One place that we’ve gone to a couple times is Family House of Pancakes.  It’s a solid, old school, pancake house with no frills.  But, their food is served piping hot and delicious!


On our most recent trip with our family, I decided to try their coconut waffle (they have a Belgium option too).  It was a decent size and plenty of coconut and powered sugar to satisfy my morning sweet tooth.  Like most breakfast places, the waffles and pancakes are served with whipped butter.  Couple that with their buttery syrup, and you’ve got the perfect mix of sweet with a hint of savory.  The waffle had a great crunch on the outside, but still was fluffy on the inside.


Little K wanted some bacon, so here’s her side.  It was pretty good, but a touch pricey if I recall.


The scrambled eggs were pretty normal, but the really great surprise was their salsa!  Yes, I know, salsa at a breakfast joint?  But, trust me.  It was legit.  It had the perfect balance of acidity, salt, and a hint of spice.  We ended up asking for extra and ate it with everything from the eggs, hash, and potatoes!


The side of pancakes that came with their corned beef has was huge!  Great tasting and super light and airy on the side.  Some of the better regular pancakes I’ve had in quite awhile.


Here’s Jorgina’s corned beef hash with a side of breakfast potatoes.  The hash was generously portioned, super flavorful, and fortunately not too salty.  Mixed in were some onions and bell peppers to provide a nice balanced contrast among the more powerful elements.


Two perfectly cooked over easy eggs for Jorgina.

All in all, a very nice breakfast.  We ate here late morning on a weekday so the restaurant wasn’t too busy (it was still half full), but weekends you can definitely expect to find a wait.  Nevertheless, it’s worth the wait and their turn around time is pretty fast.

Check them out and let me know what you think!

Family House of Pancakes
1900 E. Plaza Blvd
National City, CA 91950


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