Shizuoka Revisit (La Mesa)

We’ve been going to Shizuoka out in La Mesa for quite some time now for its good and cheap Japanese bento box offerings, Oyako Don, and Udon. At the end of 2014 they had an ownership change and the family that owned it decided to retire. Now there seems to be a shift between hot plates to a more sushi centered menu, although they do still serve many of the old items.


Anh was in the mood for noodles so she ordered the Yakisoba combo with California Roll, Gyoza, and a side salad. We didn’t have a special moment with our yakisoba but it wasn’t bad. Everything else was standard.


Because the focus is so much on sushi my mission was clear. The Tuna Nigiri ($4.25) was actually quite tasty. I understand the quality is high and fresh fish is more expensive to buy. But when an entire bento box is ~$6-$7, comparing them does no good for someone trying to make sense of things. Did the two pieces of nigiri beat almost an entire bento box in taste? In satisfaction? In value? Who knows. I did really enjoy the tuna though. Plus there are many other sushi places with higher prices. I can go back and forth with myself all day long. 

They also have a long list of rolls to choose from. I went with the Hawaiian Roll (inside: crab, avocado, outside: spicy tuna, scallions, poke sauce, and eel sauce) for $6.95. This was good too. The contrasting flavors, textures and spice did it for me. The old Shizuoka was really high on my list for hot Japanese food close to where I live. My other go to places are Izakaya Sakura and Wa Dining Okan. I probably won’t go here as often as I did because there are so many sushi places around. But when I’m feeling a little nostalgic I’m glad I can head over close by and reminisce.

9118 Fletcher Pkwy.
La Mesa, CA 91942

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