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Kyoto Gift & Food is a Japanese Market located just West of the 805 freeway in National City, CA.  It took us awhile to find this place because it’s touted more as a market, rather than an eatery.  However, I’d say it should be known for both.  

Just inside the market there is a small room in the back which houses their sushi production.  The market is run by a nice Japanese “mom and pop”.  Inside looks like a market you might find on the Island of Maui, with lots of traditional Japanese foods, snacks, and of course sushi.


In addition to their sushi, they have some prepackaged items/condiments like seaweed salad, egg, etc.



We purchased two bowls.IMG_5737

This is the sushi bowl with tuna and salmon.  It came with a small side of seaweed salad atop a couple scoops of flavored sushi rice.


This is the poke bowl (which you may know I’m obsessed with).  The poke was seasoned nicely with a good balance of soy sauce (not too salty).  We enjoyed the added avocado on top and seaweed salad.  I’d definitely order this and the sushi bowl again.

Kyoto Gift & Food

Rio Sweetwater Plaza Shopping Center

1727 Sweetwater Rd #A

National City, CA 91950


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