Sambazon Acai Cafe (Encinitas)


One of our friends introduced us to the Sambazon acai drink a while back and we’ve been somewhat obsessed with it ever since. Costco, our usual supplier has it most of the time. But it hasn’t been available lately. What would I do without my new crush, the superberry acai. I remember hearing about an actual Sambazon store located in Encinitas. An unsuccessful Sambazon haul at Costco prompted us to make a trip to Encinitas to seek out our elusive drink. Surely we wouldn’t strike out there.   DSC_0627

Upon entering we noticed a bigger selection than we’ve seen at big chain stores. Our two favorite drinks are the Acai Berry Reduced Sugar and Purifying Greens 33.8 oz. cartons. A few years ago they sold both of these at the Costco nearest to us. Our frowns stayed upside down since we haven’t seen them in a long time. The Sambazon Cafe had the Acai Berry Reduced Sugar but not the Purifying Greens cartons.

Along with the acai drinks, the acai bowls have found their way onto my list of things I don’t mind eating. The Rio Bowl (original acai packs, apple citrus blend, banana topped with granola, banana, honey) was thick and yummy. The honey and granola add that extra texture and punch I love in acai bowls.


Another Sambazon product we have gotten a few times from Costco are their frozen acai packs. They use them to make these bowls at the cafe. But like our other two favorites, they too are nowhere to be found at our local Costco. What gives? Luckily making acai bowls at home is really easy. Since we weren’t able to find the packs I just froze some of the acai drink in a little zip lock bag when I was fancying a bowl. I couldn’t tell much of a difference and it turned out cheaper in the end than purchasing the individual packs.


We were still craving our drink with greens. The Supergreens smoothie(acai, kale, mango, banana, apple juice) seemed to fit our needs. I can’t find the exact drink we got when we visited on their website so they might have changed their menu. I usually lose the battle of trying to eat healthy. This blend of greens and fruit help keep me in the fight! Oh and we killed two birds with one stone with getting both in one drink. Easy peasy. Their Supergreens drink is still quite sweet and refreshing.  Those looking to incorporate something healthier into their diets don’t have to worry about eating grass. Hopefully our Costco will start stocking all of our favorite Sambazon items soon. I don’t think we’ll make it up to Encinitas that often to replenish our supply, but I’m glad it is an option!Menu

Sambazon Acai Cafe
2031 San Elijo Ave
Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007

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