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After my friends and I attended the D6 Night Market a few months ago, I guess we weren’t done eating yet. My strategic stomach space planning didn’t factor in an extra food stop. Here I thought I was the crazed foodie. My fellow food loving peoples wanted to stop by T-Pop Desserts & More for, well…more. They were taking me somewhere I had never been before but had heard a lot about. The pictures looked great from what I saw in other reviews, so in the very least it would make for a good presentation.


“Saturday night and we’re in the spot, don’t believe me just watch!” It was buuuussssssy. But an awesome family offered to give us their comfy couch spot since they noticed we had a larger group. The place was bigger than I had imagined with lots of things to get distracted by.


My attempt to not “overdue” it because of all the food I just had consumed resulted in me ordering a Matcha Frappe. The little I consumed pleased me as I wondered if this liquid would help the impending food go down easier. Thick, with a good amount of matcha flavor, it was good. Maybe a little sweet, but not enough to be off putting. I milked this sucker til the next day.

The Salt and Pepper Wings were okay. They were hot but probably a little too salty.DSC_0057

What most people come here for are the desserts. There aren’t too many places in San Diego that sell such a spectacle on a plate, or bowl in this case. They use the awesome serving bowls you see at hot pot or Thai restaurants for soup. Except here they fill it with ice cream, fruit, and I think dry ice down below for the smoke effect. I don’t remember what this was called but essentially it is a banana split with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. One thing I can say about T-Pop is they have captured the fun aspect of eating dessert. As far as the taste, the ice cream was pretty standard fair. It is cool to look at though and easy to share!


Here’s the Tokyo Shibuya Honey Toast we ordered. Although in comparing ours to the pictures on the menu it didn’t completely match what we got. Nevertheless, what we received was still pleasing to look at and enjoy. I mean who wants to be the first one to mess up that beautiful design on the plate? The toast had a nice crispy and fluffy texture. I wish there were (more) mochi and extra condensed milk, but other than that it was a crowd pleaser. The toasts seem to be the most popular item on the menu. If I was to come back I’d probably fit in the same mold and try another one of their toasts. No it isn’t the one bite knockout punch dessert of the century experience. But it is quite fun digging into these guys with good company and stomachs with endless capacity. That aspect alone makes a trip here worth it.T-Pop Collage 2 T-Pop Collage

T-Pop Desserts & More
8945 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

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  1. We ate here too but I’m not all that motivated to write about it… I agree with others that the desserts are the only thing to eat here. Maybe I’ll just post a picture of the honey toast on instagram instead of writing less happy things on everything else! 🙂

    1. Good idea on the Instagram post. Sometimes there are too many things to write about and these ones get pushed to the back burner. Maybe when you are having a bad day you can relieve some stress and write about your time here.

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