San Diego County Farmers Markets

There are several great San Diego Farmers Markets spread across the county, so when we saw this cool infographic rounding them out, we had to share!

San Diego Farmers Markets
San Diego Farmers Markets

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I’ve been frequenting the Otay Ranch Farmers Market at the mall recently on Tuesdays.  We love getting the Pad-see-Ew from the Thai food vendor and lumpia from Gabina’s (5 for $2).

Which Farmer’s Market is your favorite?  Which vendors do you frequent?



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6 Comments on “San Diego County Farmers Markets”

  1. Oh that was a neat diagram! I’ve been trying to visit more Fm’s lately. Friends and I had a debate about the money savings – do you think it’s cheaper to buy a week’s worth of veggies/fruits from a farmers market than it would be at, say, a Ralphs/Sprouts/etc.

    1. Great question Faye. I’d have to say Ralphs for my family at least. It’s a little cheaper and the variety is still better than my local FM (Otay Ranch). It also helps if you only purchase produce on sale and use their special digital coupons, like $5 off $15 which comes by ~once a month. How about you? It’s possible my answer would be different if I lived by the Hillcrest or Little Italy FM.

    2. I would like to chime in here if I may. My gf and I were in a juicing phase a while back and we started going to all the different farmer’s markets around town trying to get the cheapest organic fruits and veggies. Then we went to Sprouts. HA! Sprouts was by far the cheapest route, but we liked some of the different things you could find at the farmer’s markets that we couldn’t find at Sprouts. Plus if you like to sample things like me (Costco membership paid for after a few visits, score!), then fm’s are the way to go.

  2. I didn’t know Ralph’s had a $5 off $15 deal! I know Vons offers that so thank you for the Ralphs heads up. I recently went to the Hillcrest FM and didn’t think the produce prices were all that spectacular.

    Darren – I wholeheartedly agree with you about Costco (I no longer have a membership though – boo). My sis loves and swears by Sprouts now. I thought the produce and veggies from Sprouts tended to go bad more quickly than other markets though.

    My friend and I wanted to have a challenge which perhaps you guys can give your .02c on. He thinks he can spend only $45 at a FM and that will last him two meals, per day, for one week (well, let’s say 5 working days). I say no way is that possible.

  3. i don’t go to farmers markets that often but i also haven’t been cooking much. my go-to is sprouts and i buy whatever is on sale that week. we used to have a ralphs in mira mesa but now it’s h-mart. no digital q’s for me.

    great chart. i’ll let faye do all the individual farmers market research for us 🙂

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