Tony Roma’s Gluten Free Ribs and Pulled Pork

Tony Roma's Collage

Tony Roma’s debuted its gluten free pulled pork and baby back ribs at Costco last month here in San Diego. We couldn’t make it out to Costco to meet their Pitmaster Jack Vogt, but they were kind enough to send us over a sample to try. 

These packaged items already prepared for you can be hit or miss. What I love about Costco is that most of the ones I’ve tried are actually pretty good. Like others, these are super easy to prepare. If you know how to turn on your oven you’re in business. All you need to do is pre-heat the it to 400 degrees and pop them in for 15 minutes.


I was worried they’d dry out but they came out nice and moist. Each rib separated apart fairly easily so our hungry selves could get on to the eating.DSC_0097

The pulled pork even was quicker at 10 minutes at 400 degrees. I always hate when you have one oven, but have two separate things to cook at different temperatures. Here we didn’t have to think logistics and come up with a well timed plan of attack.

This is what we ended up with. It was a really nice day so we ate outside at Michael and Jorgina’s to enjoy the sunshine. Our sides were mac and cheese, corn, and fresh squash from their garden. Yes that is a King’s Hawaiian bread roll. Any no, I didn’t just eat one. Pulled pork and King’s Hawaiian are sort of inseparable for us, like milk and cookies or spam and rice. What I enjoyed most was it didn’t taste like they shoved salt down your throat. It still had a strong bbq flavor but not over the top. With both the ribs and pulled pork you could get hints of smoke. The ribs were a little more tangy and sweet to me with a little bit of a bite on the way down. All in all we had a good meal and got to enjoy the weather outside!

Tony Roma’s

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2 Comments on “Tony Roma’s Gluten Free Ribs and Pulled Pork”

  1. It’s been AGES since I’ve eaten Tony Romas (which I always call Tony Romo to this day). So the ribs were already fully cooked? I like how they’re nice and saucy out of the bag. And idea the price on these Tony Romas ribs?

    Have you tried Costco’s ribs (next to their rotisserie chicken).

    1. Hey Faye. Yes they are fully cooked and had plenty of sauce to boot. I “think” the ribs are $14.99 and the pulled pork is $9. But don’t quote me on that.

      And I haven’t tried the Costco ribs even though they stare at me every time I walk by that section. Rotisserie chicken 17, ribs 0. Have you tried them? Maybe I should in case I’ve been fooled by the chicken all these years.

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