TJ Oyster Bar – Otay Ranch, Chula Vista


This post is LONG overdue.  But, better than never right!?  Luckily I live 10 minutes away from this newest TJ Oyster Bar located in the Otay Ranch community of Chula Vista.  The size of the new restaurant (#3) is perfect combination of the original and the larger sit down restaurant.


Of course they still have a signature bar area where you can sit, but all orders are taken from a counter once you come in.  The kitchen is nice and open where you can watch the action occur (although it’s not as intimate as the original location on Bonita Rd.).


So, here’s what you should come here for.  Their signature fish taco is our favorite in all of SD.  There’s something about their seasoned batter and creamy white sauce that makes these tacos shine.  If you haven’t had them before, you have to try them!  *However, you must eat it at the restaurant.  Trying to take these home is a complete mistake that I’ve made only a couple times.  It simply doesn’t work – the batter gets soggy if left wrapped up, even for a few minutes.


Our next favorite item is their fish broth soup.  It’s incredibly rich in flavor and has little chunks of seafood throughout.  My daughter and Jorgina can polish off a whole bowl by themselves.


Recently, I’ve started getting their seafood taco which is a mix of different seafood (fish, crab, octopus, shrimp, and scallops).  The white sauce, cilantro, and white onions are perfect compliment and an excellent choice if you want to avoid the deep fried option.

Other go to options not shown: Fish Ceviche & the Marlin Taco

Overall we’re very happy to have a new TJ Oyster Bar close by to us.  I have heard some others say they don’t feel this particular location lives up to the original, but I’d say they’re pretty darn close the majority of the time.  It’s definitely not as busy as the other locations during prime times, so we typically come here when dining ourselves.  If we have friends or family from out of town, we will take them to their sit down location off of Bonita Rd. and Otay Lakes Rd.  And of course, you can’t ever go wrong with their original location just down the street (4246 Bonita Rd.).


A recent visit from our cousin Calvin and GF from the U.K.  They enjoyed it a lot!  (right up there with In-n-Out and Tacos El Gordo)

TJ Oyster Bar #3 (Otay Ranch)
601 E Palomar St
Chula Vista, CA 91911

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2 Comments on “TJ Oyster Bar – Otay Ranch, Chula Vista”

  1. The 3rd location of TJOB opened last fall and I like coming here when I don’t want to deal with the crowds at the 1st location. I like the 2nd location as well but it can get kind of busy. One of my favorites is the garlic shrimp taco, the tostada de pulpo and the pescadilla.

    1. CC, I’ve never had the tostada de pulpo before. Sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll have to try that next time. My daughter loves the pescadilla! And the garlic shrimp taco is deslish too. 🙂

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