iDessert by Jean-Philippe (Little Italy)

We were supposed to visit iDessert a while back but”due to electrical issues,” our original plans got delayed. Thanks to Mary from This Tasty Life via Instagram, we didn’t waste a drive over to find out they were closed for the day. However, we were able to go a few weekends ago on a particularly warm evening. If you have been to Las Vegas you probably recognize the name Jean-Philippe. I’ve stood in front of his chocolate fountain more times than I can count at the Bellagio. And I’ve never seen so much chocolate move around so close to my mouth without any of it going inside. What a tease. It is quite a spectacle and fits right at home in Vegas. But San Diego deserves some grandeur too!

He decided to test a new fast DIY concept in San Diego before he expands into other markets. Lucky us! There are multiple displays with different colorful meringue crusts all over the store.

You start at an iPad station (I think they had around six stations) and the entire ordering process is automated.

You can either make your own creation or choose one of their favorites that they have designed for the indecisive, unsure, or trusting types. I chose to create my own and added the Vegas Bowl for extra fun! I think the total was $8.95. I chose oreo crust, mint gelato, chocolate cream, vanilla cake, chocolate sauce, and brownie bits.

They call your name and then you get to see what you chose or created. Weeeee! It’s like that dry ice science experiment I had for Halloween a few years ago.

Of course I took a video right away to capture the moment. As fun as it was I don’t think I’ll make this a regular addition in the future. Orrrr…maybe I will bring my own dry ice and sell it on the street for .75 cents! Step 1 to world domination, sell dry ice on the street.

The bulb on top was filled with chocolate sauce that you can I suppose spread any which way you please onto your creation. I squeezed some inside and left the rest for the top. The sauce in particular was very rich and it caught me by surprise. You’re supposed to crack the shell with the pointed end of your spoon. I felt so noob doing this for the first time, bringing back bad memories of my first unsuccessful boba straw insertion many years ago.

I did say it was hot right? It melted very quickly and frankly doesn’t look that nice after you start eating it. But I assure you it was delicious and made me happy.

Curiosity made me take the bowl apart to see what the bottom looked like. It snapped on and off so smoothly. The entire experience kind of went that way. I can see why it took a few years to develop his concept. There are only a few shops in town to get such a decadent dessert. The fun factor definitely plays a part in luring me back here to take people from out of town. I really enjoyed it, but parking coupled with the price might convince me to only make the occasional visit. One other great thing is I came expecting to wait, but it only took 5 minutes to get on an iPad. Less than 10 minutes later I had my dessert. They pump their desserts out fast! And sorry I only was able to snap pictures of one item. It took me over 15 minutes to find parking and I was already late so everyone had already downed theirs by the time I got there! Oops. Who’s visiting that can I take there next?

1608 India St., Ste 104
San Diego, CA 92101

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