The Safehouse (North Park)

A little reminder, we are running a McDonald’s giveaway so don’t forget to enter! Onto our review! Need a dash of nostalgia? The Safehouse just might be that place if you are a video game nerd like me. Located in North Park, their focus is on ramen, local beer, and of course the overall fun atmosphere.

You read that right. NINTENDO 64!

I spy a Nintendo 64 in the corner. Depending on how you look at it, we were or weren’t in luck because the Chargers game was on. Michael was trying to avoid watching/hearing what was going on because he was recording it at home. Of course all tv’s were dedicated to the game or the MLB playoffs. So he couldn’t play Nintendo nor could he watch the game! Poor soul. Also not lucky for him was that the Chargers ended up losing yet another game as time expired…N64 would have been so much more fun!

Katana Fries ($10): house seasoning, soy aioli, sweet chili, nori strips, tender pork belly + fried egg (+$1.50)

Luckily we had food to give us hope. It is the guiding light we often follow which leads us to happiness no matter how poorly our day may have gone. And happiness was achieved after our first taste of the Katana Fries. Perfectly salty, not overly sweet, with a runny egg, and tender as can be pork belly, could this be heaven? As a child I used to watch DuckTales and always wondered what it would be like swimming in a large pool of gold just as Scrooge McDuck did in the cartoon. Now I wonder what it would be like to swim in a large vat of Katana Fries. Kick, eat, kick, eat, and repeat.

Chicken with scallions skewer ($4) and Kurobuta pork sausage skewer ($5)

I preferred the chicken skewer over the sausage. The meat was cooked just right and the sauce added a nice element.

Tonkotsu ramen: braised pork belly, enoki mushroom, soft boiled egg, wakame (wet seaweed), and scallions + fried shallots (+$.50)

Our second go at pork belly was even better. These had a little bit more crunch on the outside but still had the soft, melt in your mouth interior. The broth wasn’t overly salty, nor did it have a strong flavor. A little bit on the plain side, but the pork belly helped give life to the bowl. It certainly was lighter than most ramen broths I have had in San Diego. The egg was overcooked but I enjoyed the taste of it. The noodles had a decent pull to them and overall the ramen was good. There are times when I’m in the mood for a lighter bowl of ramen and this would be a good place to get it.

The Piggy steam bun ($5): pulled pork, pork belly, crispy bacon, scallions, bbq sauce. Panko shrimp ($4): scallions, daikon, carrots, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce. Soft shell crab ($5): scallions, daikon, carrots, cucumber, spicy mayo, eel sauce
Red snapper steam bun ($4): tempura friend, shredded cabbage, soy sauce aioli, tomato relish

We ordered four different types of steamed buns. Perhaps we should have tried these first because the buns themselves were on the hard side when we got to them. The bun is an integral part of it all so we had a hard time getting over the rough, hard to chew texture. Towards the end we were just eating the goodies inside. The Piggy was my favorite. I swear I like other meats other than pork, but for some reason, the hog seduced me on this visit. The bbq sauce tied everything together and added a slightly sweet element to the otherwise salty and smoky equation.

Besides Nintendo, they have other fun things going on during the week like trivia night. Since we struck out on Nintendo we might have to pay them a visit again. Katana Fries and N64. All a growing boy needs.

The Safehouse
2930 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

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  1. Hehe N64! We had one when I was growing up! I remember playing Zelda and Mystical Ninja Goemon and Smash Bros. I had the duck buns here when they first opened. Buns were typical soft and duck meat fatty and moist on that visit. I have been meaning to come back to revisit. Thanks for the recent scope!

    1. I always sucked at pinball, but still enjoy playing it. The Simpsons one was fun I remember. 🙂 We had all the game systems and modding them meant we had all the games too! Haha

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