Tigris Mediterranean Grille – Kearny Mesa, San Diego


So Jorgina and I stumbled onto Tigris Mediterranean Grille the other week after a quick trip to her dentist in Kearny Mesa.  It’s just West of the 15 Fwy off of Clairemont Mesa Dr. and Overland Ave.  The parking lot in the shopping center was a bit dense, but luckily we found one before the lunch rush.


Inside we were happy to find a quick service Mediterranean grill where you can watch the action of them preparing your food.


At the end of the line, you will find a couple cashiers to take your order and their full menu just overhead.

We decided to order a meat flat bread, and a beef and chicken kabob combo plate.


After ordering I took a quick snapshot of our meat flat bread being prepared before it hit the oven.


Here it is!  Straight out of the oven and delivered fresh to our table.

The flavors were rich.  A combination of ground beef seasoned with onions, parsley, and herbs topped the warm flat bread.  It was delicious!


Next up was our combo plate which included one beef kabob and one chicken kabob.

The flavors were very good, although I must admit I prefer the Kabob shop’s beef kabob a touch more.  Still, it was tasty and the chicken kabob was new to me.

The tabouleh, hummus, and garlic sauce were perfect compliments to the dish.

We were pretty much full by this point, but kept seeing people order the chicken shawerma.  So, we got back in line and ordered up a chicken shawerma flat bread also!


Well our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs.  You can see the abundance of chicken on here!  We were only able to get through half of it, but I’m glad we tried it.

Again, I’m not able to pinpoint exactly what it was, but I still prefer the Kabob Shop’s chicken shawerma a touch more.

Overall though, it’s a great find.  I love the variety they offer with different types of kabobs, the flat breads, and shawerma all at one location.  I’ll definitely be back as I still need to try the gyros and Zaatar flat bread.


Tigris Mediterranean Grille
5285 Overland Ave #102
San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 576-9999


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