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We’d been wanting to try out Green China Grill for a little while now after reading reviews from our friends at Jinxi Eats, Kirbie Cravings, and Mmm-yoso.

We decided to finally try it with Darren and Anh.


Inside is definitely green!


They have a nice open layout and a large window into the kitchen and a direct view to watch them make their noodles by hand.


They also serve several cold items, but we didn’t get any this time around.


Here’s the skilled noodle maker getting her dough ready.


Before you know it, waaaa laaa!  Noodles start multiplying right in front of your eyes… amazing.


The good (and bad) thing is they have a very limited menu.  This good because it’s makes choosing dishes pretty easy, but bad if you like a lot of variety.

We opt’d for two different beef noodle soups… one with brisket and one with sirloin.  Portion sizes were good and we were easily able to share between all of us.


Both kinds of soup had nice flavored broths (nice balance of saltiness in my opinion) and were clear in contrast to the darker and more common beef noodle soups we’re accustomed to finding in the San Gabriel Valley area of L.A.  Nonetheless, we all enjoyed it and the noodles were cooked optimally.  Kaitlyn enjoyed the bouncy texture!


We also ordered a fried noodles with cumin beef.  This was pretty good also with the fresh noodles being the star again.


Last we ordered some grilled chicken kabobs.  I thoroughly enjoyed these as they were sprinkled in a spicy cumin seasoning.  Darren and Jorgina didn’t seem to be as enamored as I was with this one.

We will definitely make our way back here again.  In the end, the limited menu was fine and it will be interesting to see the consistency of the flavors in subsequent visits as we’ve seen some varying reviews.

Top top things off, we headed back over to Kung Fu Tea for a little dessert.  🙂


Green China Grill

4688 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

(858) 292-5555

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