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“You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris?” A royale with cheese. A Pulp Fiction scene immediately came to mind when we decided to check out Royale With Cheese during Burger Week, which ended on March 12th. We already were planning on a visit here so it was a bonus Burger Week happened to be going on at the same time.

It was a bright and shiny day in San Diego and people were out and about enjoying this fine city we call home.

Royale with Cheese is a little hard to find from the street. You have to actually go into the Park and Rec entrance and make your way to the back where the burger shack resides.

I love places with rules. Especially ones that have a no farting in line stipulation.

Normally $10, you can get their Royale w/ Cheese burger for $5 during Burger Week. You can also upgrade for another $5 and get a pint of Alesmith.

Royale w/ Cheese: 1/3 Lb Wagyu Patty, Gruyere, Bacon, Caramelized Onion, Mustard, Special Sauce, Pickle

Here is the Royale w/ Cheese burger in all its glory. It was rather dark which made it fairly difficult to take a decent picture. Still, I could see the beef glow calling my name the moment my eyes gazed upon it. 

Mmmm…I gladly accepted Michael’s extra pickle too (not pictured).

You may be able to spot the bacon below the meat which provided a nice crunch and extra meaty punch. The patty was nice and moist and the flavors all came together for me. This was the kind of melt in your mouth bite you crave late at night. So good.

The day potatoes go extinct is the day when life will not be worth living. I love anything potato, especially if it comes fried. And I especially loved these tots! The sauce gave off a smoky mayo vibe I was digging. But I also got ketchup on the side to mix in a familiar flavor. 

This is what I love about fries or tots when they are done to my liking. The outside was super crisp while the inside was like snuggling up to a soft potatoey pillow. Two for two on melt in your mouth moments. 

The location itself shares space with Park and Rec and there is also another building in the back with ping pong and a bunch of tv’s. I’m not sure who owns it all but it looks like anyone can enjoy the facilities. I also noticed shuffle board inside Park and Rec. I imagine it probably doesn’t look this empty on weekends. 🙂 Thanks Royale With Cheese for adding another stellar option for burgers in San Diego!

Royale With Cheese
4612 Park Blvd
San Diego, CA 92116

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