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Farmer’s Fix is a relatively new salad delivery service in San Diego. They pride themselves on fresh, organic ingredients delivered straight to your door. Each salad is $10 and depending on how many you order, there may be a shipping charge of $6. As of now you can order 3, 4, or 5+ salads per week.

I always like opening things with food in them. Sometimes maybe I get a little too excited. But let’s just say that “rigorous testing” took place. As I was removing each of the three salads from the cute, insulated tote bag, I must have got ahead of myself and the first one slipped out of my hands. I simultaneously gasped with futile slow motion air swipes trying to save myself from a million pieces of salad on the floor. The container bounced off the kitchen floor a few times and finally came to a rest. In disbelief I scanned the area to assess the damage and noticed not one thing escaped the plastic salad container. And that my friends is how you win points before anything is even consumed! I couldn’t believe it didn’t immediately explode all over the place.

Ingredients: Castelvetrano olive, lentils du Puy, parmesan, shallot, spinach, tarragon, walnut, yellow bell pepper with tarragon vinaigrette dressing

Still amazed at the quality of materials and how secure the container was, it was time to try the salad’s.

This is how all of the salad’s come. The dressing and nuts are in separate containers and the heavier ingredient settle to the bottom.

What I do is add all the ingredients, put the lid back on, then shake like a mad man. My previous episode of dropping the salad gave me extra confidence in this method of mixing everything together. Out of the three salads, this one was definitely the most filling. The lentils filled me up pretty quick and I didn’t need anything else to supplement the meal. In their testing they added meat proteins, but found the quality didn’t meet their standards.

Ingredients: Carrot, celery, cilantro, red bell pepper, red onion, leopard romaine lettuce, scallion, sesame stick, snow pea with sweet chili dressing

The Chopped Chinese was the one I dropped and I would have been very sad had it met its doom on my kitchen floor.

I have tried three different meal delivery services and some of them towards the end of the week did not taste very good. Farmer’s Fix wants your salads to taste as good on day one as they do on day five. Hence, I spaced these out by two days to see how they held up. And I have to say, I didn’t really notice a difference.

While not as heavy as the Tarragon Lentil salad, this one had a crisp freshness to it that I really enjoyed. The red bell peppers and snow peas had a wonderful snap to each bite and everything went really well together. It wasn’t as filling as the first salad, but the flavor and textures were great.

Ratio is a big thing for me and they seem to be on my wavelength. For all of the salads I didn’t wish there was any more or any less of any single type of ingredient. I understand each person has their specific preferences. Personally, I liked not having to dig too hard for something specific to put on my fork.

Ingredients: Carrot, castelvetrano olive, corn, farro, pistachio, scallion, spinach, yellow bell pepper with lemon oregano vinaigrette dressing

The last one I tried was the Field & Garden salad. I especially enjoyed the lemon oregano vinaigrette dressing, carrot, and corn additions in this salad.

The pistachio’s added a nice crunch as well.

It is hard for me to rank the three salad’s because they all had things I really liked about them. I suppose that is a good thing because there wasn’t one that I really didn’t enjoy eating. If I had to choose, the Tarragon Lentil and Chopped Chinese are tied for first. I’m so used to “Chinese Chicken Salad” that it would be the front runner if they somehow managed to find chicken that passed their quality tests. As of this posting there are 10 different salad’s you can choose from so there would be a decent variety should you decide to subscribe to their service. $10 may or may not be too steep for you. However, if you are busy or like the convenience of fresh salad’s delivered straight to you without the hassle, this might be worth a look.

Disclaimer: We were invited to try their salads, but the opinions stated are our own.

Farmer’s Fix

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