Harvey’s Lounge Inside the Seven Mile Casino – South Bay


What the… huh?!  There’s a casino in Chula Vista?

Yes, there is!  The Seven Mile Casino is just south of the 54 freeway and nestled between E & F Streets along Bay Blvd.  While the casino has been in existence for decades and had a long history in the city, this newer property we visited has only been opened for a year.

They specialize in table games such as pai gow, poker, blackjack, and several other table games.


Although tempted to play some games, we were here for the food!


The casino is small relative to a most behemoth casinos you’ll find outside of the city limits or in Las Vegas, but that’s part of it’s charm.  The layout is very open and inviting to all that walk in.  And, a huge plus (for us at least) is it’s a smoke free environment!


Just outside Harvey’s Lounge is a beautiful outdoor patio that nestles up against one side of the bar.


Last call is at 1:45am, but the casino is open 24×7 for you die hard gamblers!  😉


Harvey’s Lounge has a few tables and several seats alongside the bar.  It’s enough space for those looking to take a break from the action, although many choose to stay at the tables and eat while they play!

We met up with Executive Chef Chris who walked us through his culinary philosophy – bringing the highest quality and freshest ingredients to his favorite east meets west classics.


We got this party started off on the right foot!  Here are their famous Garlic Pepper Chicken Wings – natural Jidori chicken wings marinated then fried crisp and finished with red chili peppers, fried garlic, Serrano chilies and cilantro.

WOW.  You’ve got to try these.  We’ve had A LOT of wings in our time, and these rival the best of them!  To die for.


Some fresh fish tacos were up next alongside some salsa verde.  The fish was fresh and ample portions spilled over the sides of of the corn tortilla.  I really appreciated the freshness of the fish.

Chef Chris likes to get a lot of his fresh seafood from local fish market, Catalina Offshore.


Speaking of fresh fish!  A couple of beautiful Lane Snappers accompanied by a sweet & sour red pepper and pineapple sauce.



A fresh beet salad broke up some of the hearty dishes.


And, check this out!  Kung Pow Beef made with prime beef… whhaaat??  This was a surprise dish because the beef was so tender and flavorful.  We’re so used to mediocre kung pow beef, it was like a blast of fresh air to experience this one.


Since we weren’t full enough, Chef Chris decided to bring us this perfectly charred 16 oz medium rare prime rib eye steak… mmmmm.  Again because he uses the highest quality meats, the flavors shine through boldly.


After seeing out facial expressions, I think Chef realized we were pretty close to doneski, but I ALWAYS have a little extra room for some dessert!  Thankfully it wasn’t too large, but it was a nice way to finish off a great meal.


A rare pic of me and cousin Darren doing what we do best… eating!

Please note we were invited to sample these dishes, but our opinion remains our own.

A special thanks to Nikki and Olivia for arranging this delicious meal and taking great care of us.

We’ll certainly be back, and perhaps next time a few hands of poker.  🙂


Harvey’s Lounge
Seven Mile Casino
285 Bay Blvd
Chula Vista, CA 91910


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