Pieology – Southwest Pizzas

We were recently invited to try out Pieology’s new Southwestern pizzas.

Both Darren and I were excited to check out these custom creations as quick service pizzas are still all the rage (Pieology, Project Pie, Blaze, etc.).


When we arrived, we asked to speak with the manager to let him know we were there.  Typically a manager will come over to greet us and walk us through the menu, share any new items, and provide details on any questions we ask, but he was more interested in tending to pies in the oven, rather than us.  Anyhow, I won’t bore you with the details, but he eventually addressed us after 8-10 minutes at which point he told us he wasn’t aware that we were coming.  Eventually, it got sorted out.

However, when the manager was informed someone wanted to speak with him, he simply stayed where he was for at least a few minutes.  We thought this was a bit bizarre since we could have been any customer with an issue and we thought this approach (or lack thereof) could have been improved.

Well, he eventually came over and had no clue we were there to try out the new pizzas.  What was already awkward, got even more awkward!  But, he eventually figured it out with another co-manager and said they’d bring out the new pizzas to try.


Here’s a picture of the pies we’d be trying this evening.

But, before we could even try these pies, the server who brought out the pizzas promptly delivered them to another table.  Again this was a bit strange as there was only like 3 active tables inside.  Oh well, it eventually found our way to our table.


So, here’s the Chicken Chile Verde.  I’ve had a lot of quick service pizzas the last couple years, and I have to say this wasn’t one of my favorites.  It was just okay, and as you can see they burnt the edges of the pizza too.


Here’s the Spicy Southwest Pizza.  I’m afraid this one didn’t fare any better and the jalapenos were way too overpowering.  The pizza just felt messy and it made me crave a classic pie with just tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese!

I do applaud Pieology for trying out something new.  Sometimes a gamble pays off, and sometimes it doesn’t.  I’m afraid tonight’s SW Pizza experience was an example of the later.

Ah, but there was a little light at the end of the tunnel!


Another server brought us out their new chocolate chip churro pizza!  Well, what is this?

It was a dessert pizza topped with cinnamon, sweet creme, and chocolate chips… yummmmm.

This one was a hit with Darren and I and we promptly scarfed the entire pie down.

*Please note that our meal here was complimentary, but our opinions remain our own.


Pieology (San Diego – Balboa Ave.)

5575 Balboa Avenue, Ste. 310
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 565-0600


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  1. things like this happen when the PR firm does not communicate efficiently with the restaurants… too bad these new pizzas weren’t to your liking. I prefer building my own pizza at these kinds of places anyway. dessert pizza sounds so good right now though!

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