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Sweet Petite Confections is a chocolate oasis fit for the strongest sweet tooth or simply a curious tongue. Michael and I played each part as we embarked on our wondrous adventure into the decadent unknown of a former fashion designer. Michele Lomelin started Sweet Petite Confections in part because she felt a little restricted when it came to the fashion world. However, chocolate has allowed her to flex her creative muscle once again. She worked in fashion design for twenty years and it shows from the very first piece of chocolate you set your eyes on.

Take for example these “Through the Looking Glass” bon bons, which are inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie that just came out last week. Her artisanal chocolate confections are not only aimed to please the palate, but also be easy on the eye. Once a designer, always a designer, Michele stays true to her process in developing her offerings when it comes to the colors, flavors, packaging, and prints depending on the season.

I won’t go into detail for all of them because it’s simply impossible to describe how these luxurious chocolates taste without sampling them yourselves. I will note some of my favorites though. 

The Crown was certainly one to remember. It was hard for us to start this tasting because everything looked so nice. But once the first one got bitten into, Michele had to save us from ourselves. I wouldn’t say I am a huge caramel fan, but apparently when passion fruit is introduced I can’t get enough of it. I also loved how there wasn’t the uncomfortable feeling at the back of my mouth when something is too sweet. It was ever so smooth. 

I didn’t mention my severe disdain for glitter to Michele. It may be tied to tainted childhood memories of my mom testing the limits of how much glitter she could fit into a birthday card. While others thought of it as a funny prank, my mom must have thought people (especially her kids) loved cleaning up glitter all over themselves for days on end. I did my best to separate the horror of glitter and this beautiful Rouge Fairy Rose bon bon. I think it worked because once the passion fruit, pineapple, and guava blend hit my tongue, I longed for the first flight off to Hawaii. Transitioning from sad glitter stories to the happiness Hawaii brings me is no small feat. It was a tiny bite of tropical glee I will not soon forget.

Each piece stands on its own but when they come together it is a beautiful sight. 

This was another favorite of mine. And it also had glitter! I see a theme here…

If colorful ornate chocolates are not your thing maybe funny faces are. She aims to please. She told us a story about one time a customer requested a giant bunny during Easter. What did she do? She made a giant bunny the size of a small child. It sort of became a thing people heard about and came into the shop to see. Now don’t get any ideas. 🙂

Once you get over how pretty each chocolate is and put one in your mouth, they tend to disappear. The only thing delaying the process is wanting to know what flavors are contained in each one.

She has accumulated a lot of molds since she started on her chocolate journey.

This reminds me of art class back in the day and it being one of the only places it was okay to purposefully get messy. Lucky you, they have classes where she teaches how to make chocolate and I’m assuming there is a fair share of chocolate consumption as well.

Michele sent us home with some other goodies.

This one was pretty fun. This is their Bam! Pow! Bang! bark. Rightfully named as it contains 33% milk chocolate blended with yuzu powder, feuilletine flakes, unflavored popping rocks, sansho pepper and Hawaiian sea salt. That’s right, pop rocks. Be prepared for a party in your mouth.

The Lemon Meringue Pie bark contains white chocolate blended with lemon cookies and finely ground tart lemon candy. It really did capture the essence of lemon meringue pie, which I happen to have a very good relationship with.

Right when you walk on there is a display with all the goodies you can leave with. 

There are large chocolate lollipops and a wide selection of barks to choose from. 

Here we are with Michele with our sugar high about to kick in.

If you want to try her chocolate feel free to stop by and say hi. She is very warm and welcoming and will leave you happy. If you are scared to talk to a real person you can also order online. But I would encourage at least one visit because it is more fun to sift through all of her flavors and you get a better sense of how much work goes into each piece. We loved the visit and will be looking forward to ordering for the next special occasion that comes around.

Disclaimer: We were invited to stuff our faces in all the chocolate that was physically possible, but the opinions stated are our own.

Sweet Petite Confections
3582 Mount Acadia Blvd., Ste A
San Diego, CA 92111

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  1. So interesting with the fashion background…but these chocolates are absolutely GORGEOUS! Even just reading the descriptions of the chocolates is exciting 🙂 My roommate and I were actually just talking about how we both had such a bad sweet tooth today, so I’ll be sure to add this to the list of places I need to visit!!

    1. Let us know how you like it! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I really enjoyed the variety of flavors and designs she offers.

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