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Last week Darren and I had the opportunity to visit Cinnaholic in Mission Valley.

If you’re wondering why this sounds familiar, you may have seen them on Shark Tank last season!

They are located in the Mission Valley mall nearby the Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack wing.


Since I was on Daddy duty this day, I decided to bring along Lil K and Lil L.

Once we placed our order, they wasted no time climbing up on the bar to watch their mini cinnamon rolls being prepared!


Cinnaholic specializes in fresh cinnamon rolls using the freshest ingredients.

They typically bake these on location, however, because of space issues in a kiosk, they prepare them in a kitchen in the back.

We were lucky to run into Billy and his team of operators this day.  He was excited to tell us that their Pacific Beach store will be opening soon (end of Sept.) with a full kitchen to bake and showcase the cinnamon rolls right in the store.

I’m definitely excited to check it out!


Here’s the outside of their box which is nice and environmentally friendly.

Cinnaholic uses no egg in their dough and they are completely vegan (if that’s your thing).  For me, I’m more interested in the taste and texture.


Darren ordered up a classic (“old skool”) topped almond frosting and finished off with brownies.

I ordered a classic with vanilla frosting and apples on top.

Lil K chose a mini classic with chocolate frosting and strawberries.

Finally, Lil L requested a mini classic with vanilla frosting and strawberries (just like his big sis!)


The mini cinnamon rolls were perfectly sized for my kids.

At only a couple dollars, it’s a nice sweet snack without all the guilt!


We all shared them family style so we could sample each of them.

The cinnamon rolls were super fresh (baked every 20 mins!) and super moist.  I loved the bouncy texture.

The frostings were all delicious and the toppings were a wonderful addition to a classic treat.


The apples gave this one a nice contrast.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and even brought back half of it home for Jorgina.  🙂


As I mentioned, their products are all vegan.  So, they also let us sample their no egg cookie dough.

The cookie was very soft and moist, and I love eating raw cookie dough (yes, even the ones you shouldn’t!!)

Overall, we had a really nice experience here.

The staff members were incredibly nice and attentive (even before they knew we were bloggers).

I loved the cinnamon rolls and the customization you can do with the frostings and toppings.  Darren’s only minor comment was that the rolls could have been a bit warmer.  I’m not sure if you can ask them to heat it for you briefly, but it could be a worthwhile request.

Please note our order was provided complimentary, however our opinions remains our own and no compensation was received.



Mission Valley Mall

1640 Camino Del Rio North
San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 546-9991

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  1. Cinnaholic has just recently opened their 2nd San Diego location in Pacific Beach on October 14th at 4652 Mission Blvd, between Duck Dive & Dirty Birds.

    Come on by our largest location on the west coast to get your cinnamon fix on!

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